Today, and many, many other days, I am thankful for Play at Home Mom.


I wanted to give you some profound thanks for helping me learn to trust my child. Lily decannulated yesterday, meaning her trach came out and caused an emergency. Lorelei is a helper. She wants to provide *meaningful* help and knows the difference between meaningful and busywork.

I let her hold Lily’s trach in while I scrambled a little more freely. She’d already decided to use her other hand to hold Lily’s head and was staring into her sister’s eyes communicating a massive amount of love. It was hands down the easiest trach insertion/cleaning I have done in the nearly 17 months Lily has had a trach. Many people would think it’s crazy (too much responsibility to help keep an airway open), and I’d never make her do it… but somewhere along the road, I ended up following a group of women who believe in placing extraordinary trust in a child who wants it. And she really, really wanted to help her sister. 

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