DIY BucketBall – A Backyard or Beach Game

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A few weeks ago we were spending time with our favorite people….RL and her girls.  They’d recently purchased a new backyard game and it was a real hit with the kids.  My son has been asking me to buy it ever since.  So, with summer right around the corner and the anticipation of more and more neighborhood kids hanging around, I decided to purchase it……..until I saw the price tag – $59.99!!!!!  Whaaaaaaat???  Sixty bucks for some buckets and balls??  Yeah, no…and I’m not going to lie, the description of the BucketBall bucket made me laugh out loud.   I immediately knew I could recreate the same exact concept using items from The Dollar Tree.

I purchased 10 buckets (the real game has 12 buckets….I was not sure if it was 10 or 12 and can easily go back for two more), and a two-pack of balls.  Eleven dollars……..I spent eleven dollars.  Easy peasy.

GH8B4796 copy

Dollar Tree Buckets and Balls.

I removed all of the handles.

GH8B4797 copy

Fill each bucket 1/2 full with water and set them up like bowling pins.

GH8B4798 copy

Let the game begin.  Get your ball into a bucket, take that bucket away….first one with no buckets left wins.

This post contains affiliate links if you would like to spend $60 on some buckets and balls.  :)

~ AK




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3 Responses to DIY BucketBall – A Backyard or Beach Game

  1. Melanie Sanchez says:

    Cool!!!! We played this game on vacation in cedar point, OH. Kids loved it, but not paying that either. PS love the cat photo bomber drinking out of your buckets

  2. Anna Funk says:

    Great idea! Went to dollar tree today and found a bunch of buckets and balls. Kids had so much fun playing! I tried too…my kids did better than I did!

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