Jungle Jumparoo Giveaway!!


We posted a few videos last week on our Facebook wall for the Jungle Jumparoo.  Because it was such a huge hit, we decided to give one away to our readers!

You can see how to enter at the bottom of this post.

The giveaway is open to everyone.  However, if you are outside of the USA you will have to pay for your own shipping.

We are also running a promotion with Jungle Jumparoo right now.

Visit and enter code “playathome” at checkout to receive $100.00 off!


Junlge Jumparoo with the sprinkler attachment!

We highly recommend the protective cover if you will be using it outdoors (not seen here).

Jungle Jumparoo in action!

Yes, adults can jump, too!

If you have any questions you can visit their FAQ page seen HERE.

Eileen Burns Caparoso you are the winner!!


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1,060 Responses to Jungle Jumparoo Giveaway!!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Entered and hoping to win for my 3 year old and the 2 girls I babysit for my best friend, they’re almost 5 and 7! They’re growing up so fast, they would go nuts over this!

  2. Jenn Siffermann says:

    This would be used for my 3 & 5 year old who have been wanting one since the summer! And of course by us, the play at home mom & dad!

  3. Melissa J. says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter’s 4th birthday!! She turns 4 in October. Her 10 year old brother would love this as well as my husband and I. :)

  4. Carolyn Dietrich says:

    My 9, 8, and 3 year olds would love this, along with the gaggle of friends we have over nearly every afternoon!

  5. Cassie says:

    My kids are 9, 8, 4, 3, & 1. Something like this would be amazing on days like today when we are stuck inside because of the weather! (Silly hurricane needs to go away! :)

  6. Elizabeth Steiner says:

    My 3 year old and her friends will love it! Plus, I’ll take it to my church for our Bible study time! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  7. Kasey says:

    My daughter turns 3 on Giveaway Day and would LOVE this! Her baby brother would enjoy it just as soon as he’s big enough!

  8. Krystin J. says:

    This would be fantastic for my 6, 4, and 2 year olds (twins)! We could really use this during our winter months! Thank you for the opportunity.

  9. Lynzee Stratton Kudera says:

    I would love this for my 4 year old and my 4 month old as he gets older! I love the versatility of using it inside and outside along with the different attachments you can get for it <3

  10. Becky Robinson says:

    My kids are 6, 4 and almost 1 and this is right up their alley! I can see years of use out of the Jungle Jumparoo!

  11. Brandee Randall says:

    My 4 year old daughter and her friends. Also when my newest arrival is old enough he/she will use it as well( due in Jan).

  12. Courtney says:

    Kids of all ages will enjoy the jumperoo! My own girls are 4 & 6, but we also have nephews (9 & 11) who would love it, as well as a number of adults ;)

  13. Jordan C. says:

    In our household there’d be people enjoying jumping on the Jungle Jumparoo that are ages 3, 7, 33, and 39! And of course nieces, nephews and friends too :)

  14. Paula says:

    My son is a 6 year old with no real yard of his own, so I would love to get this for his room – he needs to jump around :)

  15. Jen Lem says:

    My two and five year old boys would LOVE this. We just got a backyard again and have space inside too! This would be great because dad says no to a trampoline.

  16. Cassandra says:

    My kids are 2 and 5! I am sure they will be delighted to have this at home … And they have cousins of similar age too!!

  17. Julia Swankoski says:

    I have a soon to be 5 year old and a 6 year old who would both flip over this! Heck, I may even enjoy it ;-) . Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Alexandra Siacunco says:

    My 4 year old and her 4-6 year old friends would be over the moon to get to jump on this! Winter is approaching here, so timing is perfect since it can easily fit into a playroom.

  19. TARYN says:

    My 5 and 7 year old would love this!! They jump all over the place right now. And I’m sure the 16 year old will give it a whirl also.

  20. Janae Romano says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting this since you first posted. It would be perfect for my 2 homeschooled boys to stay active during the long cold winter months in Upstate NY!!

  21. Amy R. says:

    I’ve been checking out this Jumparoo on all of your recent posts, and it looks awesome! How fun! I think my super energetic five year old son would LOVE it, and playing on it with his friends! And his mama too!

  22. Michelle Fisher says:

    My little guys would have so much fun with this toy! Such an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity Play at Home Mom! ☺️

  23. Brianne Michelau says:

    My 2.5 and 4.5 year old boys would ADORE this! (Not to mention me, 36, and every single kid in the neighborhood.) ;)

  24. Nicole Newman says:

    My almost 2 year old would love this (as would I) our winters are looking and cold so indoor gross motor fun is always appreciated!

  25. Nikola says:

    My girls 4 and 2 would absolutely love this! Their Birthdays are coming up in October. And of course their 31year old crazy mom will love it too! :)

  26. Marika Wilkerson says:

    I have a 5 and 3 year old who would love it! We know a family who bought this when it was a new item and they love it still! Our kids loved it, but we haven’t been able to make such a big purchase. Would love to win this for the kids Christmas gift this year! Thank you for the opportunity to win this.

  27. Becky Y says:

    A 5-year-old at our home would love it. And his momma would love that it’ll save our chair from dying the death of a very jumped on not-trampoline.

  28. Chelsea Bloom says:

    :) my soon to be 5 boy-his baby sis when she is older (7wks now) and of course all the neighborhood kids he plays with everyday <3

  29. Heather Birk says:

    Oh how my little monkeys would enjoy this. They are almost 6, 3, and 5 months. And if the 5 month old follows his older siblings, he’ll be jumping and climbing before he turns 1!

  30. Brandi Sorensen says:

    My girls are 2.5, and 5 with a 3rd girl due in November :) We would love the jungle jumperoo to help entertain us during our long cold Nebraska winters! :)

  31. mayra gonzalez says:

    my nephew just turned 1 and other is about to turn 1 :) we have neighbors age 3 and 5 who would also probably LOVE this. they love jumping this would be great! -fingers crossed-

  32. Alexandria says:

    In the words of my spunky 3 year old daughter, this is the best ever day guys!! I also have a 14 soon to be 15 month old adventure seeking son, a 29 and 30 year old who will gladly enjoy it as well!

  33. Monica says:

    My 3 year old and 7 year old boys would absolutely LOVE this!! Especially indoors during our loooonnnngg Wisconsin winter when the need to burn off some energy! ;)

  34. Ashley says:

    My daughter ,4, would absolutely love this!! I’m sure little brother who is just turning 1 will figure it out quickly too!!

  35. Kearney Funston says:

    My two little jumping monkeys are 3 and 5. This would be so perfect for playing indoors for my 5 yr old who is type 1 diabetic. His blood sugar is greatly affected by these humid southern summers when outside playing.

  36. Amanda says:

    I work with an organization and I know almost 80 little ones under the age of five who would literally flip to have this!!

  37. Sara Swauger says:

    Oh my girls would love this! They are 11 months and 3.5 years old and both are very active little monkeys! It looks so fun, I’m sure dad and I would jump too!

  38. Jenn says:

    A therapy center near us has open play hours and they have one, it’s amazing how much kids of all ages and abilities can play with it! Would love to win one!

  39. Lauri says:

    My kids, ages 4 and 6, would have a BLAST on a jungle jumperoo!! We are soon moving to a new house with a small yard, so this would help them burn energy without using a lot of space. Thank you for the chance to win one!

  40. Ashley says:

    My kids are 7, 5, and 2 and would absolutely love this! My littlest one LOVES to bounce and swing on literally everything ;)

  41. Jessica McLamb says:

    My son is 2 years old and would love one of these! We also have nieces and nephews spanning 1-12 years old that would enjoy this too. :D

  42. Mary G says:

    My 7 and 4 year olds would LOVE this, as well as all their cousins and friends! Such a great way to get them active and have fun.

  43. Heather Hall says:

    Their ages are 6 & 8. The kids would love this and with living in an apartment this would help to get the wiggles out when we can’t go outside.

  44. Jayme says:

    I have a daughter that is 6 years old and has sensory processing disorder. Something like this would be amazing for her to use during her meltdowns

  45. Terra says:

    I would absolutely love to win this for my three kiddos. Ages 7, 4 and 2. My four year old suffers with autism and I think this would be a great addition to her therapy routine!!

  46. Amanda oleson says:

    My 4 year old and 3 year old would love this! They would show their newborn brother how to use it when he gets older too!

  47. Stephanie Randolph says:

    This trampoline looks like so much fun. My three little girls would enjoy this every single day!! I would much rather then have this then use our beds and couches for all of their jumping!!!

  48. Jaime Jamieson says:

    My Jungle Jumparoo jumpers would be ages 12, 6, 6 (twin boys) and 18months. I may also become a jungle jumparoo jumper as well- looks like too much fun to pass up!

  49. Emily says:

    Twins that are 6 (one with sensory issues), 5 year old (with low muscle tone challenges) and an almost 2 year old. My 6 year old son loves the trampoline as it’s super calming to him and I hope that something like this would help him in the winter time when he can’t jump outside. It would help all of us!

  50. Rachel Levy says:

    The kids who would be using it are 8, 6, 4, 2 and the baby when he’s big enough. Should I list the ages of the parents too? ;)

  51. Kristin Harris says:

    My kids are 10, 7, 6, 14 months, and almost 7 months. 3 of my littles were prematurely exposed to substances and have sensory issues – this would be amazing! Not to mention, I’d love to jump with them, too. Thanks for the chance!

  52. Loti Wilson says:

    My almost 5 year old and almost 1 year old would love jumping on this inside in our loft especially during the summer because we live in Arizona and we are stuck inside for months!

  53. Emily Hick says:

    We would love to have this!! I have four kids, two are special needs and we’ve been trying to get a therapy/sensory room going in our home by don’t have a lot of money to do so. We’d love this and I know all my kids would actually benefit from this, not just the two. Something like this where all could play together will be a blessing!!

    Thank you for the opportunity and heart to give one away!! Hoping we win! ;)

  54. Krystal McFarlane says:

    I have a 7 year old and a 5 month old. I also am the Director of an Early Learning Center. I instantly fell in love with this when I first saw the video.

  55. Ashtynn Alba says:

    if I was blessed with a jungle jumparoo it would get TONS of use! I have a childcare and preschool and currently care for 20 children enrolled between the ages 10 months-9years old!

  56. Emily V says:

    My daughter is 3.5 (and has ASD and loves to jump!) and my son is 15 months and wants to jump just like his sister. The mini trampoline we have just isn’t cutting it anymore. This is an awesome giveaway!

  57. Felicia says:

    My kids 3 & 9 year old twins, my husband and I, niece and nephews 2 to 11, neighbors & friends! We would love this and would use it year round in sunny Los Angeles :)

  58. Lauren k says:

    My 3.5 year old & 9 month old would love this! Will be great for exercising the 2 boys during the upcoming New England winter!

  59. Erika McLemore says:

    Oh my goodness! I have had my eyes on one of these for my three kids (4, 3, 1) for a while now. Amazing giveaway! Thank you!

  60. Rebecca says:

    My kiddos are 2 and 6 and could really use this! We live in a small condo with no outdoor space! This would be great to get out some energy!

  61. Maria says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My boys are 3.5 and 1.5 and would go bonkers for this. They are little climbing bouncing jumping monkeys.

  62. Melody Roy says:

    My kids are 4 and 7 and I’m 31! But we watch a four month old and I’m sure all the neighborhood kids would also be using it!

  63. Sarah B says:

    Omg! Ever since seeing your FB post about this we’ve been talking about saving for this for our daughter (4) for xmas!

  64. Heather D says:

    Kids are almost 2, almost 10, almost 12, 12 and almost 13 (step siblings in the mix!). This would be great to help them burn off some energy!

  65. Justine scott says:

    I would love to win this for my 3 and 6 year old daughters!!! :) and myself to! (29) it would also be used by there cousin (2) and my daughters best friend who lives across the street :)

  66. Megan J says:

    My autistic 9 year old daughter and energetic 7 year old son would love this! And when they outgrow it, I live down the road from a preschool, and I KNOW they’d love it!

  67. Annie says:

    My boys 4 and 6 would have a blast on this especially the 4 year old who is like a monkey! This would be the hit of our play dates with the other 7 2-6 year olds we get together with!

  68. Daisy says:

    My kiddos that would love this are 17, 8, and one has her 3rd birthday coming up in less than two weeks! She would flip for this!! We also have some neighbor friends that would join in. And let’s face it, us parents would be jumping right along with them all!

  69. Heidi H says:

    I have an almost 5yo and almost 2yo. With their new sister on the way this will be great entertainment for them while mama is feeding the baby. They would love it (and of course all the neighborhood kids will too!!).

  70. Ashley Rowland-Lee says:

    My kids are 13 (almost 14), 10, 8, and 7 they would love one of these! Their 30 year old momma might want a turn or two, too.

  71. Jennifer Pearson says:

    I have three boys and I know that my oldest would love this. He is three and then I have a one year old and a newborn, lots of people to grow into this!

  72. Morgan Prior says:

    I have a very energetic 4.5 year old and a little girl who will be 3 on September 23. This would make a great bday gift!

  73. Heidi Launchbaugh says:

    We would love aJumparoo! My girls are 4 and 2 and my 2 year old niece is over all the time too, and of course me and my sister!

  74. Sandi says:

    I have an 8yo and a very active 6yo (with an ASD) who would enjoy this very much. We homeschool and are always looking for new toys to keep the kids moving indoors during the cold weather. Thank you for the opportunity!

  75. Sarena says:

    I would offer to have all the families kids birthday parties with this thing :) but I would hope my toddler could learn some great motor skills, grace, and endurance!!
    awesome at home gym for kids

  76. Lyndsey OBrien says:

    My kids would love one of these.. this would be perfect for my very active toddler and his older siblings!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

  77. Elisa says:

    This s would be amazing for both our long winters inside and out hot summers outside. My kids are 5 and 3. Thanks for the chance!

  78. Mary Kristen Clark says:

    My son is 5, but I think if I won this I’d gift it to the school where I work. We serve children in K-8 with severe to profound needs, many of whom have a diagnosis of autism.

  79. Sherry says:

    This would such a great addition to our newly fenced in back yard and our at home education with our spirited 5 year old and all her friends. She loves jumping, climbing and of course all types of water play. You ladies are awesome and so inspiring! Thank you!!

  80. Jill Kramer says:

    My boys are 4y and 2y, my nephews 9, 7 and 4 and my nieces 2 and 18 months are over all the time!! We would love this!!

  81. Kristy Small says:

    I would be so grateful to win this for my 6 year old and nearly 8 year old. It would be perfect for the basement or backyard.

  82. Kristina Wengert says:

    My 3 and 5 year old, and eventually my54 month old would absolutely love this! I think my 33 year old husband may have the most fun though!

  83. Jeanette Stuhr says:

    A very rambunctious soon to be 4 year old, and soon enough her little sister who is currently 5 months old :) Not to mention her 6 cousins ranging in age from 2-12!

  84. Veronica says:

    My kids 6,2, and eventually my one month old will love this. My boys are very active and have been wanting a trampoline for quite some time!! Looks like so much fun for everyone!!

  85. Jana Roberts says:

    ages right now are 1 1/2 and 4 1/2. Our house is the neighborhood hang out so I’m sure all the neighbor children (ages 5-10) would love to use it too.

  86. Allison says:

    I have watched children in my home for the past 6 years so I can be at home with my own children and still bring in a a luttle extra income. The kiddos I have and whom I watch would love this! Boys – ages 18 mths, 3, 3, 4 & 6 and a 19 mth old little girl :)

  87. Kim Wilson says:

    My boys are 4 & 3. My 4 yo is Autistic and loves to jump/bounce on anything he can – I think he would absolutely love this!

  88. Janel Baker says:

    The people to enjoy this jungle jumparoo are: 6, 4, 2, 7mon, and I just turned 30 today (of course I’ll be joining them!)! I would love this as my kids are homeschooled and need to jump off some energy sometimes (we can even do math facts while they jump!) :-)

  89. Doreen says:

    My two girls, ages 9 and 5, would love this! It would definitely give them something fun to do indoors, during the coming cold, winter months.

  90. Emily Klinzing Cirino says:

    My kids are 4, 2.5, and 5 months. They LOVE LOVE LOVE jumping on anything they can get their little feet on. Maybe they’ll be acrobats or into parkour someday, who knows. But this could quite possibly add a year or two to the life of our couches in the mean time while they figure out their destinies. :)

  91. Ryan says:

    I plan to buy a jumper when funds allow. I’m excited for an opportunity to win one! My kids are 9, 5, 3 and 1. We will get tons of enjoyment jumping! Good luck to everyone!

  92. Roseanne berberich says:

    Twins ages 2 would love it. Then our 3 year and 8 year old niece will have a ball on it as well as us as adults!

  93. Jennifer says:

    My 3 year would love this! I could also see using this in the elementary special ed classroom for those I teach that have excess energy to get out (6-9 years of age).

  94. Victoria cole says:

    This would be a great energy buster for 3 homeschool kids ages 8,6 and 3…. And for a momma due with #4 in the dead of winter in Colorado!!!!

  95. Kait says:

    My kids are 6,3 and 8 months. My youngest won’t be using it yet of course but I’m sure she would love it as soon as she’s big enough!

  96. Yanina Yockel Rivera says:

    My 7 year old son would love this! We are always looking for things we can do inside when winter in NY rolls in. My son also happens to have autism and this has been on our wish list for a long time.

  97. Sarah S. says:

    This is amazing! I know my 1 yo and 3 yo would love to play on this. We have really rainy winter months and this would be a great option to keep them busy.

  98. Regina Lukens says:

    My three year old would have so much fun on this. You have some of the best suggestions. Our Geodome gets used almost everyday.

  99. Jill Ishee says:

    My 5 year-old would get so much enjoyment out of this along with surrounding neighbors! Hours and hours of active entertainment.

  100. Heather Barbuti says:

    My 5 and 8 year old saw what I was doing and said “Oh I want one of those!” I’m sure my newly 2 year old and I would have some fun too!
    Thanks for doing this!

  101. Bridget Messler says:

    I have two children ages 7 and just turned 9 today! I know they would love to have this so they could enjoy it with all 8 of their cousins ages 10 months, 1, 2, 4, 5, 5, 7 and 7!

  102. Catherine Smith says:

    We would love to have this to enjoy especially for the winter months indoors. We have 4 bio children and 2 bonus foster children we are soon to be adopting, so it’d get lots of great use ages 1-13!

  103. Silka says:

    I think every kids would have lots of fun with this thing and my kids are not different, girls 5and 3 would jump on morning til evening :)

  104. Eva Gernant says:

    My 7 year and one year old would absolutely love this jumperoo. I would love to jump on this jumparoo myself. Thank you.

  105. Julie says:

    My kids are 6 and 3,
    But we have so many neighborhood kids of all ages that would love this too, I’m sure. We don’t have a very big yard, but my kids love to jump so this might be better in our space than a trampoline.

  106. Jessica Semino says:

    Would love this for my kids. Single mom of 3 kids with one of them is on the autism spectrum. I hope I’m blessed to get one.

  107. Cynthia Macias says:

    Crossing our fingers

    Daughter 7 years old
    Son 6years old

    9 yr old Niece
    8 yr old niece
    5 yr old nephew

    I am 33 yrs old

  108. Lauren says:

    My 6-year-old and 19-month-old daughters will be jumping on this and having a blast. I just saw this at a fair this summer and have been dying to get one since! Such a fun toy!

  109. Heather Hernandez says:

    My kiddos are 6 and 3. They would love love love this Jungle Jumparoo!! My 3 year old probably wouldn’t get off!

  110. Amanda says: