DIY Bread Box Oven

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In my classroom last year, the kitchen area got zero play. When I noticed tumbleweeds blowing across that area of the room, I decided to remove the massive kitchen furniture and create a new space. As the new school year approaches and I’m thinking about my space, I knew I did not want to bring in more big furniture.  I wanted to offer something that represented a stove top/oven, though, just in case the children are interested. So, I turned a bread box into a mini oven.  It’s a great space saving item to have.






Here is what you need:

~ Bread Box  (THIS ONE opens more like a traditional oven, but it’s more expensive.)

~ Burner Stickers

~ Mod Podge

Place the stickers on the top.  Seal with mod podge.  Done!



I love that the children will be able to take this to various places in the classroom to “cook”.  Here’s to hoping it’s a hit.


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2 Responses to DIY Bread Box Oven

  1. Leigh says:

    I love this idea! Natural materials AND you upcycled something. Keep us posted on whether it gets much play! I have an 18 month and am have been debating whether to buy a play kitchen. He loved the one at my brothers recently but he isn’t there often so much more novel. This could do the trick though plus it could be used for other play (portability factor will be interesting to see as the children discover it!)

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