Back to School Blues: 8 Ways to Stay Connected.


Summer is ending and it’s that dreaded time of year when our children head back to school.  We are going to miss our littles dearly!

  Here are 8 ways that we stay connected.

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1.  Necklace/Bracelet

My 6 year old wears this necklace (seen below) from  SNAPFISH.  It has a picture of our family on it.  Any time she is missing us she can still see our faces!  They also make a bracelet (above) for the kiddos that may not like to wear something around their neck.


2.  Worry Stone

I saw these worry stones at the Hallmark Store.  You can get a closer look by clicking on the link above.  I wanted something small my daughter could physically hold/rub/squeeze whatever it may be.  This is one of her favorites!


3.  Pop in for lunch

I know not every school allows this… but if this is an option for you, take advantage of it!  I love my midday lunch with my girls!

4.  Build relationships with their friends and their families.

Plan a play date.

Meet at a park.

Meet for ice cream/coffee or go out to dinner.

I love getting to know who my girls spend a majority of their day with.  I also feel connected to their parents. It creates a sense of community for me.

5.  Volunteer

Again, I know this is hard for working parents and parents with little ones at home still.  Even if mom and dad can’t make it send in a grandparent, aunt, or an uncle!


6.  Stuffed Animal

My girls all have “lovies”.  My sister got them each a Kashwere Creature blanket when they were born.  They literally have never slept a night without them.  Yes, my soon to be 8 year old brings her dolphin to school.  For the most part it stays in her backpack.  It’s nice for her to see it, touch it, or smell it and take in those scents from the comfort of home.


7.  Lunch Box Notes

It doesn’t have to be a long lengthy note… even a picture will do.

To see our DIY Scratch Off Notes Post click HERE.


8. Snuggle/Play Time

This is probably the most important to us.  When your kids get home from school make the time to CONNECT.  Put the homework, phones, and distractions aside.  Give them uninterrupted play time and let them release all their worries away through some good ole laughter.

Patty Wipfler has a great article on “Affection Play” for those after school blues.  You can read it HERE.


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1 Response to Back to School Blues: 8 Ways to Stay Connected.

  1. Amy says:

    My 7 year old ASD boy will be enjoying this. We currently have a small yard and he loves to be outside there just isn’t anyroom to do anything. This would actually fit in out yard and he loves jumping and water. Thank you for the opportunity to win one. Good luck everyone

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