Loose Parts Collage




The theory of “loose parts” was first introduced by architect Simon Nicholson in the 1970s.  It’s recently become a buzz word from child development experts and those who advocate for the developmentally appropriate practice of play in preschool.  The idea is that the use of materials that can be  moved, carried, taken apart, and put back together in various ways empowers creativity.

Perhaps this activity was inspired by the work of Louise Nevelson, we don’t know.  For us, it was inspired by our children’s art teacher.  You can use whatever materials you would like.  Some of the items our children used were -

wood pieces

sea shells

sea stars

pipe cleaners

puzzle pieces





Using wood glue, the materials were placed randomly onto a piece of board and left to dry for several days.  Once dry, the children used gold spray paint to coat their work.  The end product – beautiful.  Add a hanger and it becomes wall art.



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3 Responses to Loose Parts Collage

  1. Thea Scott says:

    My girls and I did this as well!! Great fun!! We sprayed puts silver and it hangs with pride in our dining room!!

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