Zentangle Tray

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Zentangle Tray

I have various Art Trays set up for my girls in their art area.  There are 4 trays that I switch out periodically.  I try and create an invitation based off their interests. They went through a little adult coloring book obsession.  My oldest asked one day if she could make her own coloring book… she apparently wasn’t impressed with what was out there on the market.  :-P  We brainstormed some ideas and while doing so we came across the world of Zentangle.  I’m pretty sure we are late in the game but it’s something that my daughter took an interest in.  I signed her up for a couple classes over her Christmas break.  Another obsession of my girls right now is SHARPIES and I can’t say I blame them.  I’m pretty obsessed with them, too.  I decided to combine the two together for this:

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Zentangle Tray

Pretty simple… just throw some sharpies in a box with some paper.  :-P

We typically use 4 x 6 card stock for these.  I find that the smaller pieces of paper don’t seem so overwhelming.

While posting a Sharpie sale the other day on our Facebook Page, someone had commented to try the sharpies on photo paper.  I could feel the smooth transaction before I even tried it.

Our conclusion… Sharpie Markers on Photo Paper = A little slice of heaven.

4 x 6 Photo Paper is what we used for these.


After watching several You Tube Videos on how to Zentangle, (Is that even a word?) we liked this technique the best.

Draw lines on your paper.  These can be horizontal, diagonal, vertical, etc.

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Next, make some fun swirls.

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After that, create some designs.  A lot of people just stop here and leave them as is.  My girls like to color theirs…

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My daughter’s DIY coloring book.  :-P

You would think that the marker would smudge on the photo paper but it didn’t at all.

Happy Zentangling!


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2 Responses to Zentangle Tray

  1. Jeanine says:

    Geez! We love Zentangle! I never thought of how fun it could be on photo paper! You just gave me a great idea too: print out black & white pictures on photo paper, then Zentangle w the kids & sharpies Around the people or animals in your black & white images

  2. Michelle says:

    What a great idea! My girls are also obsessed with Sharpies and adult coloring books. Can’t wait to introduce them to the world of Zentangle with photo paper!

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