Creating Mosaics on Sticky Paper


Last week my girls picked out some foil art from the dollar spot at Target.  They loved the activity but asked if they could make their own VS using the predesigned sheet. Later in the week we were at Dollar tree looking for supplies for another project and I came across this packet of Holographic and Foil Sheets.


20 sheets for a $1.00!

I wasn’t sure if the colored foil was going to tear away from the backing of the paper so we compromised… and I am glad I did because they were so much fun and the finished project was gorgeous!!


The Invitation.

Supplies needed:

Sticky Paper… AKA clear contact paper like THIS.

Foil sheets (you could really use any type of paper)


I started out by cutting the foil paper into long strips using a cutting board.  They were about 1cm in width.  We used scissors to cut them into square pieces.

We drew a design in permanent marker on the contact paper, peeled it off, and taped it sticky side up on a white plate.  It was easier to see with a white background.

My girls decided on a Christmas tree and a cat.


Hard at work.


Placing mosaic pieces on the sticky paper.  No glue involved!


Finished Christmas tree.

It is OK if they go over the outline of the drawing as you cut them out at the end.


After they finished filling in their design, you can cut them out.  From there you can decide what you would like to do with them.  They would be beautiful on their own and framed.  However, the girls decided to make cards with them…. Yes, Christmas cards.  LOL  We used a glue stick to adhere them to white card stock.


The next morning my oldest helped my youngest create something.  ;-)


One of their friends from school broke his leg and he loves gorillas.  This was a gorilla feel better picture they made for him.


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