Building With Ice Blocks – 2015

ICE BLOCKS (7) copy

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Our love of beating the heat by building with ice started back in June of 2011 when I used bread pans and other things to freeze colored ice to make ICE BRICKS.  


Soon after that I came across some perfectly square ICE CUBE TRAYS and we used those to create blocks for building…..and bathing.

PAHM (24)



Following my son’s interest in letters (though brief it was), we also made ALPHABET BLOCKS using LETTER JEWELS.

PAHM (14)

Four years later, we still love this activity.  We froze several trays of perfectly square ice cubes using COLOR TABLETS to color them, and my son and a neighborhood friend got to building….

ICE BLOCKS (3) copy

ICE BLOCKS (5) copy

ICE BLOCKS (7) copy


Of course, the table with a sink made for easy clean up once everything had melted away.

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2 Responses to Building With Ice Blocks – 2015

  1. Braden Bills says:

    I think it’s cool that you can get ice blocks to build with! It’s like ordinary building blocks, but you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards. I would have loved this as a kid! Thanks for sharing.

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