Dissecting Questions…Literally


Every spring we head to the local park and collect tadpoles.  You can see some ways of how we explore them HERE. My girls had some questions this year such as… “Does a tadpole have a heart and lungs…or do those grow when he turns into a frog?”  We added a section about frogs to our BIG BOOK OF QUESTIONS to answer some of those questions.  To take it a step further, I asked them if they would like to cut a frog open to see the inside.  ”Really??!!!??? YES, MOMMY!!”

On my hunt for a frog to dissect I came across this Company:


How cool!  Such fun stuff!  When I saw they had hearts to dissect I immediately added it to my cart.  My husband is a Surgical Physician Assistant who works in Cardiology.  My girls love visiting him at the hospital and asking him questions about what he does at work.  A few years back they performed Open Heart Surgery on their beloved Tigger.  ”Doctor Play” is very much a part of our every day play.  You can see more posts HERE.

I understand that this may be sensitive to some.  For us, it’s a wonderful way to delve deeper into their love of science and animals. My oldest has dreams of opening a Mobile Veterinarian Clinic that travels the world to save animals.  You never know… she may save your pets life some day.   :-)


My oldest’s (6 years old) mobile vet clinic that she made out of MagnaTiles and Stick and Stack.

The heart dissection kit did come with a few tools but I did purchase our own set because I see more dissections in our future.


Dissection Kit from Amazon


This is what comes with the Dissection Kits from Carolina.

The dissection kits also come with a book and CD with information on how to make the cuts, etc.

We did this on the dining room table with a plastic table cover.  I cracked open the window a little bit but the smell was not bad at all.

This is a pig heart.  My husband didn’t really follow the cuts of the instruction booklet…. so if it looks different that is why.


My middle daughter (5 years old) with her finger in the left ventricle.  We were amazed at the thickness of the muscle.


Finger through the pulmonary artery.



Opening the aorta.


Piece of heart muscle… yummy.


Laughing at Daddy for sticking his finger through the left atrium and mitral valve.


My oldest spreading tissue with a kelly clamp.

So….. much….fun!

Frog is next….


I will update the blog post after we dissect it.


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2 Responses to Dissecting Questions…Literally

  1. Lara says:

    Love this post. I am also a PA who works in Neanatology. My daughter is still a little young for this but I am glad now I know where to go in search of things to dissect. I can see lots of exploring like this in our future. Love you website. I am not very creative so you have given me so many fun ways to play with my daughter. Thank you!

  2. Rach says:

    I’m interested in this with my older kids but what if I have little idea about how to cut, where to cut, what the parts are, etc? I had no dissecting experience when I was in highschool and no one in my family works as a nurse or doctor.

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