Black Sand Beach


While we were on Vacation last month in Myrtle Beach there was a big pile of dirty gross sand.  My oldest said “look…. are we on a black sand beach?”  I wish little one.  We talked about why sand is sometimes different colors and where some of those beaches are located.  Luckily for her, she has an Aunt that lives in Hawaii!  One day we will get to show her first hand.  We ended up adding information on Black Sand Beaches in her BIG BOOK OF QUESTIONS.  She also has a lot of questions in her book about sea turtles, dolphins, etc.  I decided to make her Book of Questions come to life a little bit.  It led me to this invitation….


Epsom Salt dyed blue (just mix food it up with food coloring).

Black Kinetic Sand

Stones and shells

Sea Turtle life cycle

Various Playmobil


Close  up of the beach…. yes, that’s me laying over there in the beach chair!  :-P


Adding more dolphins.


My younger girls enjoyed this as well.

In what ways have to turned your children’s questions into playful learning?

We would love to hear your stories.


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2 Responses to Black Sand Beach

  1. Katy says:

    Your children don’t mix up the sand & salt? What would you do if they did? That is an issue we have w/ the children I work with.

  2. elana says:

    I have the same question…how do the kids keep it nice to play with? does it stay neat for more than a few minutes? if yes, how did you get them to do it?

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