Math Necklace


 I posted about a Math Stick on Facebook several months ago.  It’s something that my girls are enjoying but I haven’t had a chance to post about it.  We recently turned our Math Stick into Math Necklaces.  The girls always wanted to take the stick out with them, so we decided to make something a little more portable.


My 5 year old sporting her Math Necklace.


There are many different options for this… Counting by tens, fives, etc.

My 5 and 6 year old have been practicing counting by twos lately so that is what we made.

The pink beads are pony beads.  The wooden beads are 5/8 inch round.  I purchased them both at Michaels.


I wanted something they could easily take on and off themselves.  I also wanted something they could lay in one big line instead of having it as a necklace.  I found these cute little buckles at Michaels in the bead section.  They work perfect!  My 3 year old can unbuckle them as well.


My 3 year old showing off her necklace.  We found some animal beads for her.  I put 20 beads on so she can practice counting.  :-)


Another option for this is simple math.  This is how we started out on our Math Stick.  I simply placed a bunch of beads on a necklace.  I believe there were 50 of them.  I wrote out numbers on some mini clothespins as well as some plus/minus signs etc.  My oldest enjoys clipping on the clothespins to form math problems.


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