Exploring Dentistry


My girls received this Play Doh Drill ‘N Fill a few years ago.  It is one of their most well loved Play Doh Toys.  They are constantly bringing it from the art table over to their Doctor’s Office.


To purchase the Play Doh Drill ‘N Fill click HERE.  Currently 25% off. 

Playing off their interests I decided to give them some tools to keep permanently in their office.


We added.

1.  Toothpaste

2.  Toothbrush

3.  Dental Floss

4.  Dental Pick

5.  Scaling Instrument

6.  Dental Mouth Mirror.

7.  Our Drill from our Play Doh Drill and Fill.  (An electric screw driver would be fun to use as well.)

You can purchase the dental tools HERE.  Currently 75% off… only $6.25


We also added a tooth teaching model, tin foil (for “silver teeth”), and a jar of water.

We purchased the Tooth Teaching Model HERE.

This is also a wonderful tool to work proper teeth brushing into your play.


I painted the model with a little bit of yellow tempera paint.

I set everything out in an INVITATION for my girls to explore.


My oldest got right to play.  :-)

“Oh my goodness… you have a dirty mouth.  Let me get this cleaned up for you.”




“We need to get your rinsed.”

My oldest ended up grabbing a syringe to squirt water into the mouth.


Using the Dental Pick.


After she was done with the cleaning she said “we need to whiten your teeth now.”  She ran over to the art table and grabbed some white paint and a paint brush. So funny.  :-)


Drilling cavities.


Silver crown made using tin foil.



My oldest also thought that an ace bandage clip would work well for this, too.  Inventive!

To see more Doctor Office Play click



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1 Response to Exploring Dentistry

  1. Karen says:

    My 6 year old is terrified of the dentist – bought it when you recommended it and had her first appt without shaking and screaming (still some tears and yelling, but manageable)- yay!!!

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