Erasing Sight Words



At a recent trip to Dollar Tree we found CORRECTION TAPE (< clickable link…10 pack is 85% off on Amazon right now.. 10 for $5.00!)  My daughter (6 years) was browsing the art section and asked what it is.   She wanted to try it so we brought one home.  I set up this activity for her for sight word practice…


I wrote some of her sight words on a piece of paper.


She “erased” them.  So simple…. yet so much fun!


“Give me another word!”


“Can this erase paint?  Can I bring this to school?”


After the sight word sheet she purposefully started misspelling words so she can correct them.  LOL


“Let me try some lines!!”


My youngest (3 years) kept asking for a turn.  I knew she would get frustrated with the correction tape so I set up this for her instead.  3 year old meltdown diverted!  :-P


Painting over the letters.


She loved it.


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4 Responses to Erasing Sight Words

  1. This is wonderful! I am always looking for new ideas for working on letter recognition with my 3 year old son. This is a new one that I will definitely be doing! Probably this very afternoon! Thank you

  2. jenny says:

    Sight words are words that are commonly used but generally are not easily sounded-out. The idea is that a kindergartener learns to memorize the words by sight as one of the steps in the reading journey.

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