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A few months ago I wrote about embracing my son’s love of superheros.  His questions continue to steer us as we home school because respecting his learning journey is important.  I love being a part of the process, setting up provocations (AKA “invitations”), and asking curiosity questions to get his wheels spinning.  His inquiries leave me inspired to create a learning environment that is authentic and engaging.

My son is really interested in things like cities, capitals, states, and countries lately.

“Where is Superman from?”

“What is the capital there?”

“What language do they speak in Russia?”

“Where is Batman from?”

“Are we English?”

“Where is Captain America from?”

……and the list goes on.

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Ready to learn.

We decided to use a map , similar to the one in our cheetah project, to mark where all of the superheroes are from.  We used his Marvel Encyclopedia to research this.  This presented a fantastic opportunity to learn about things like using an index and alphabetical order.

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Filling in the blank (reading/writing/spelling).



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Putting his Lego minifigures in their state.

Superhero_web (5)

Graphing his results (counting/graphing/math).

I’m excited to see where these beloved superheroes will take us next, and even more excited to share it with all of you.



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3 Responses to Superheroes

  1. Jessica Rivera says:

    My son loves maps and superheroes as well. I don’t have that book but did the best I could with google but some heroes love in fictional places and I could only find few states for the superheroes he actually knows. Did you use the book to find a superhero for every state?

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