Stained Glass House

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A house of many colors?  Why yes, I think we can do that!

Today we used cellophane wrap and our Fort Magic kit to build a “stained glass house”.  We knew we wanted to build it outside on a sunny day to create a whimsical reflection of color on the ground.  My son proudly named it “Starlight Labs”.  He decided to add a “table” (seen inside the house), where all of his potions and dinosaur bones could go.  It was a gorgeous day in a gorgeous house.

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Cellophane Wrap


IMG_7434 copy

“Starlight Labs”

I purchased the cellophane wrap from the Dollar Tree (the dollar tree only had 2 colors) and Michaels.  The red and blue are bold colors, but the yellow and green were a bit more transparent, so I cut out rectangles and doubled those pieces over into a square to make them more vibrant.  The cellophane is fragile, so try to focus on making clean cuts to avoid tearing.  I used the fabric clips that come with the Fort Magic kit to secure each color square in place.


A special thanks to Amber Broda who decided to create this “Frozen castle” for her girls after seeing our post.  Amber is a friend and follower of PAHM.  What an amazing castle she made.

Thank you for letting us include it here.

Any “Frozen” fans out there?

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