Wooden Doll Ornaments


I sent some of these WOODEN PEOPLE to AB awhile back for her and her daughter to decorate.  They had a ton of fun with them and I just loved the way they came out.  You can see her post


I knew as soon as I saw her post I wanted to get some for my girls for Christmas.  I got to thinking and thought it would be a lot of fun to make some ornaments!  I asked AB if she thought an eye hook would fit on the top of the head.

Yes, they will……

photo 1

The invitation:

Wooden Dolls


Eye Hooks

photo 2

My oldest (6 years old) working on a snowman.  To paint the finer details we used a toothpick.  It worked great!

photo 4

My 4 year old working on a doll.

photo 3-1

Making spidermen for her classmates.

photo 2-1

My 3 year old loved this as well.

“I’m making a blue snowman, Mommy.”

photo 4-1

Some of their finished pieces….

Mr. and Mrs. Claus, princess, blue snowman, and white snowman

photo 3

White snowman close up.

photo 5

A penguin that I made for my 4 year old.  Yes, this is quite addicting.

photo 1-1

Spiderman hung up on the tree.  I made this one for AK’s son.

I tried putting in the eye hook by hand but we needed to drill a small hole first.



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1 Response to Wooden Doll Ornaments

  1. JLB says:

    These are great! Can you update your link to the eye hooks (it goes to the paint), because I am not sure what size to get. Thank you so much!

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