Project Based Learning – Cheetahs

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The love of all things in life that are “the fastest” started about a year ago.  In our BIG BOOK OF QUESTIONS, we have the fastest land animal – cheetah, the fastest thing ever – speed of light, the fastest bird – peregrine falcon, and the fastest fish – blue marlin.

Cheetahs have been a hot topic in our home for a while now, and they are on my son’s list of “THINGS I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT” during our HOME SCHOOLING JOURNEY.  We checked out several books on Cheetahs from our local public library [READING/LANGUAGE ARTS], and our journey into learning unfolded…..

Cheetahs live in Africa on the Savannah.  This is their HABITAT.

“Mommy, I want to go to the Savannah.”


“How about we make one on a smaller scale?”

We purchased some potting soil and fescue grass seed from Walmart.  Then we used a trash bag to line the bottom of our TRAY.  My son added soil, seed, and water.  (I had several pictures of this, but they were accidentally deleted from my cell phone – I’m a chronic deleter.)

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Cheetahs on the Savannah


My son set the Cheetah family up like this.  :)

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Once our Savannah grew, he was curious about other animals that lived there…..Elephants, Lions, etc.  So he incorporated them into his play.

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“Where do Tigers live, Mommy?”

I set up an invitation for him to learn about where some of his favorite animals live.  Each animal is a different color push pin.  He found the country on the map that corresponded to each animal.

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The Invitation

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We also found each country on his globe.


A cheetahs top speed can reach up to 75 mph.

YES – we can go that fast on the interstate so you can feel what it’s like to go as fast as a Cheetah.

 (No pictures of this for obvious reasons.)

Cheetahs can grow up to 6 feet long from head to tail, and are around 2 feet tall.

Well, let’s see what that looks like.

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1 Response to Project Based Learning – Cheetahs

  1. Natasha says:

    How long did it take for your grass to grow and did you grow it indoors? Also, how long did it stay looking nice? Thanks!

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