RL sent my daughter a lovely surprise a few weeks ago just because it “looked like us.” I took it as a compliment as soon as I opened the book and looked at the beautiful, creative ideas. We sat and looked through the book together, held the pegs, and talked about all of our favorites (which was no small list), and I could hardly wait to get started making Intabobs.


Unfortunately we were both sick that week, so we didn’t get started right away. Then one day while I was napping (kids always seem to recover more quickly, right?) my partner and daughter painted a couple of Intabobs and surprised me. It was so awesome…and sweet.

When we all finally felt good enough to get out of bed, we went to our local craft store for more paints, felt, and sewing supplies. When we returned my daughter and I chose a couple of gnome Intabobs to make. She decided she didn’t want to paint, but instead drew the designs on paper and chose all the paint and felt hat colors. The two Intabobs on the left are the ones she and my partner surprised me with when I was sick, and three on the right were the first ones I made…and didn’t finish until later.

First Intabobs

Now, I have a confession…while I love crafty, homemade things, I am not particularly crafty myself. My painting skills are rough at best, and I don’t even sew buttons back on clothes. But I sewed that little bitty hat using the directions and pattern in the book…and I surprised and impressed myself (notice there’s not a picture of the stitching that I’m so impressed with, LOL). And I was hooked. I particularly loved painting them, and one night while my partner put our daughter to bed I sat on the back porch and painted peg dolls; I also cut patterns and sewed hats because they’re so darn cute and my daughter loves them. I again surprised myself by making a “halloween” hat with fuzzy lining that I knew my daughter would love. And when she woke up the next morning she found this waiting for her on the breakfast table:



Hahahaha! I was so busy playing with them I almost forgot I was setting up an invitation for her!

By now you’re probably wondering why do you call them intabobs? So, here’s the story:

My daughter and I were headed to the chiropractor’s office, so she was gathering some toys to bring. I knew she wanted to carry some in her hand, so I picked them up and asked, “Do you want to bring these in to Bob’s?”

She asked, “What are Intabobs?”

At first I was confused, and repeated my question, “Do you want to bring these In-Ta-Bobs?” Then I laughed and exclaimed, “OH!” and explained to her what I was saying. We had a pretty good laugh about it, and then she said, “hey, let’s call all these guys ‘Intabobs!’” So that’s what we do!

And we’ve pretty much been laughing about it every since.







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2 Responses to Intabobs

  1. Meghan says:

    They are so cute and customizable. I’ve been thinking about making some for my daughter for Christmas for awhile. Can I ask about the furniture in your photo? I think I would like to get her a few pieces, like a table, couch and beds to use too.

  2. Jeanine says:

    LOL my youngster always asks questions like that ! i Lovee it!! Perfect name for them. We had “kipples and aw-lips” on our snack trays, until she finally asked why i called pickles and olives those funny names! Lol!

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