Jumping for Sight Words

photo 6

Since my oldest started Kindergarten we try and spend most of her home time outdoors!!    Today we took her sight word practice outside as well.  Obviously you need a trampoline for the way we did it, however, I will give another suggestion for those of you who don’t at the end of the post.

photo 4

First I drew with chalk some of her sight words on the trampoline.

photo 3

Me – “Jump over LOOK!”

photo 1


Me – “Knee jump on LOOK.”




photo 5


Me – “Butt jump on CAN”



photo 6

Me – “Jump over THE”

photo 2

I also brought out a spray bottle and a sponge.

Me – “Erase THE”

If you never erased chalk off a trampling before it’s a must try.  LOL  Fun!

***Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures***

After my daughter was done playing my game she wanted to create one for me.  I didn’t get a picture of this because I didn’t have my phone on me.  She made a fill in the missing letter game foe me which I thought was pretty cool!  This is what she wrote out on the trampoline…..

T_E          M_          R_t          S_e


I scored a 3/4.  LOL  I put Me… and she was looking for My.

This can be adjusted for any age: colors, shapes, letters, etc.

If you don’t have a trampoline another fun option would be to use a hopper ball.



Click HERE for Amazon link.


You can write the sight words/letters/shapes in chalk on the driveway or sidewalk and use the ball to hop to each word.  Similar to this post…


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3 Responses to Jumping for Sight Words

  1. Elisa says:

    I LOVE this idea for learning in general! Numbers, addition facts, letters, phonemes…What fun!!

    Sidenote: I have a question for both of you, only loosely related to this post, which I think might make an interesting topic for a new blog post…I have a 4yo DD, who will be entering K next year. Your blog (and other blogs it has led me to over the past 2.5 years) have made me start questioning public school, and whether it is right for my creative, nature-loving daughter. I just don’t want to see her losing her spirit, and I’m afraid an excess of seatwork and teaching to the test, hours without play or freedom to explore, will sap her of all her curiosity and natural love of learning.

    I wonder if you could both talk about how ps K has been for your children so far? I’m guessing you may have had some misgivings as well, so what is it that convinced you it would be a good experience? Is it not as awful as I’m making it out to be in my head?

    Thanks, I know you could probably set many parents’ minds at ease (or drive us to homeschooling depending on your answer, haha.)

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