Sensory Play in K

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As many of you know, my son started Kindergarten a few weeks ago.  Of course, the mindful/reggio/playful/child advocating mommy in me is trying to support his teacher in any way that I can as we decide if public school is right for our child and our family.  Home schooling will always be an option, but in the meantime I have offered to provide sensory materials as well as play center activities for his classroom – because really, seeing the worksheets is just KILLING ME.  One of my responsibilities is providing new sensory materials for the sensory table in his classroom bi-weekly.  Many of you have asked that I continue to share them as the weeks pass, so I will update this post (and re-post it) every two weeks.

Can’t wait for more?

Then check out our 50 SENSORY BIN IDEAS.


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I wanted to make the first bin simple – just play.  It’s the beginning of the year and Im guessing the children were going to be learning about all of the rules associated with the sensory bin – like keeping the material in the container.  So, I wanted to keep it fun.  It was a huge hit.  The water beads are from Michaels craft store and all of the measuring cups and other accessories are from the Dollar Tree.

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This container includes COLORED RICE and GEMS – along with other accessories.  I know the students are working on counting, so I used a Sharpie to write numbers in the muffin tin for counting the gems.  The play is not limited to just counting, though.  :)  EVERYTHING seen here is from the Dollar Tree.

more to come….

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4 Responses to Sensory Play in K

  1. Teresa says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these. Our son just started k also and I feel the same way about the worksheets. This is inspiring me to advocate the way you are and possibly do something like this. I absolutely love the idea. Thank you again!

  2. CDH says:

    Seriously? Worksheets in Kindergarten? When I taught K, we were required to send home homework, and they had specific books the school required they work in, but 95% of their day was hands on. Even if it meant I let them use manipulatives at their desks while doing the school-mandated workbooks. I have never understood why little ones have to be confined to a desk and forced to do worksheets… So I bucked the system as much as possible. Go you for helping his teacher do the same!!!

  3. Debbie says:

    definitely keep updating, i’d love to see what else you come up with! i love this idea of working with the school system, because i am so with you on the worksheets!! and do the water beads not dry out?? also, i’ve played with them with my kids a little, but they seemed to tear easily. maybe i need to try again with a different brand…

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