Firecracker T-Shirts

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This is one of our favorite crafts for celebrations.  We have dyed t-shirts for birthday parties, Memorial day, Easter, etc.  We decided to make some Firecracker T-shirts this year for the Fourth of July!  It’s a fun, easy, inexpensive craft for any kind of celebration.  You can customize the colors for the occasion or you can let your children choose.

What you need:


We used Fruit of the Loom white boys t-shirts. To purchase them from Amazon click


They also sell them at Target/Walmart.  For my 2 year old we bought a small.  Four our 4/5 year olds we bought mediums, and for our 6/7 year old’s we bought larges.


Next you will need a Tie Dye kit.  We like the Tulip kits.  You can purchase them from Amazon


Or they are also available at Walmart.

All you have to do is fill the bottle up with water and shake…  Then you can just squirt your T-shirts.  Tie dye has come a long way since I was a kid!

12 bottles produced 10 t-shirts for us.

We like the “wet technique”  Wash your t-shirts.  After they are done washing tie them instead of sticking them in the dryer.

There are many different ways to tie the t-shirts.





After you tie the t-shirts the fun begins!  We dyed ours out in the grass.  We gave each child a plastic container to put their t-shirts in. You can get these containers and the Dollar Tree.

Let them squirt away!


photo 1

After they were done we gave each child a ziploc bag with their name on it to place their t-shirt in.  This makes it easy for children to take home.

After 6-8 hours (we waited until the next morning) you can cut your rubber bands off!

Run your T-shirt under cold water until the water is clear.

photo 2


Wash them on a hot cycle.

photo 3



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