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My oldest daughter really enjoys reading The Big Book of Why along with all of it’s counterparts…space, ocean, dinosaurs, and animals.  Reading these books often result in more questions.  She also asks a lot of questions while we are driving somewhere.  I swear this is where some of her best thinking happens.  I don’t always know the answers to her questions so I started writing them down for us to research.  This turned into the

The Big Book of Questions!

After researching her questions we printed the results out.  Together we chose which material we would add to the book.


Cutting out pictures/information


Gluing them into her book.

Some of her questions thus far:

What do deer eat?

Why do skunks spray people?

Why do farmers grow tobacco in North Carolina?

Who built the first car?

Why does a seashell sound like the ocean when you put it to your ear?

Why do camels legs move differently than other animals with four legs?

We are learning so many cool/fun facts that I had no idea about.  For instance, raccoons and skunks that are out in daylight do NOT necessarily have rabies.  Pregnant mommies often come out in the day time to hunt for food.  They do this because there are often more predators at night and they want to stay close to their young ones.  Myth debunked!



The book we use is a binder.  We chose a binder because of it’s flexibility to add more pages where ever we want.  We have already further researched about pink dolphins and added pages to that section.  I also like the pockets as sometimes we print things out but don’t always get to cutting/pasting right away.


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