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Around Christmas time my girls were asking  for princess dresses.  We tried a few on at local retail stores and they were just blah.  The quality was not the best and to my clothes-sensitive daughters they felt “itch and scratchy”.  A long time PAHM follower recommended a company called Little Dress Up Shop (Click here to visit She also has a daughter that is sensitive to clothing.  We decided to give them a try!  My girls each picked out a color….


Yellow, Pink, and blue.

The material is so soft, and they wash wonderfully!

As you all know, we enjoy working with companies whose products we love!  We decided to get in touch and see if they would be willing to share their awesomeness with all of you.  The answer was YES.

We decided to review another option from their pretend play category… a NINJA COSTUME.

photo 2

YES – you may wear your Ninja costume to lunch (and everywhere else for however many days you wish).

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As expected the quality is GREAT.  True to size, washable, and comfortable.

One of the best things about Little Dress up Shop is that they provide FREE SHIPPING to all U.S. Residents on ALL orders.

Now for the chance for YOU to win your own!

This giveaway is open to U.S. Residents.  However, if you are international you can still enter to win… you just have to pay for your own shipping if you win.

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239 Responses to Giveaway – Little Dress Up Shop

  1. Leah says:

    Super cute!! The ones in the store are terrible. My daughter loves dress up, and she won’t wear them. Would love the chance to give her one of these!

  2. Amanda says:

    My almost 5-yr-old son has recently become infatuated with watching Lego Ninjago. The Ninja costume would be PERFECT for his birthday next month!

  3. Beverlea says:

    I think we would choose the Knight Pretend Play costume. It’s hard finding pretend play clothes for my son. Everything is for girls. There’s only so many times we can all wear tutus and tiaras. Even if big sister says it’s princess day…I say we need variety!

  4. Sarah says:

    Wow! These are really cool! My kids love dress up but I hate the feel (and smell sometimes) of the store outfits…can’t wait to try out some of their stuff!

  5. Bethany says:

    My son has just discover pretend play – he is usually a dinosaur on out outings around town (most recently on our trip to the local sugar bush!). Thanks for the chance to enhance his play!

  6. Cassandra M says:

    There’s so many great choices, but I think my daughter would especially love the teal blue flower fairy dress up costume. The color is beautiful, and the skirt looks like it is perfect for twirling, and twirling, and twirling all day long. Thank you for the chance to win!

  7. Jennifer Segara says:

    I would pick anything that my boy would love to wear. Stores just don’t carry enough boy dress up stuff like they do for girls .

  8. Jenn says:

    I would pick something fun for my little bug to wear when he gets a little bigger. He’s one right now, and just likes to be naked :) but I see a ninja or a pirate costume in our future!

  9. Kishia says:

    My daughter would love one of the princess dresses. I love that they are so comfortable and machine – washable.

  10. Heather B says:

    I have two girls so dress up is an every day all day activity. We are in a princess phase, but my 3 year old likes to switch things up and may pick something different.

  11. Heather says:

    Omg the ups costume haha my husband works there. Our son would probably like the firefighter or train conductor one better though.

  12. Melissa Vallet says:

    I have three boys who would love the ninja costume! So often, costumes are so cheaply made that they fall apart quickly. I’ll be checking out the website. : )

  13. Allyson says:

    We LOVE to dress up! The princess ones would be a hit, but would also like to add more “boy” dress up items for my youngest son, who is outnumbered by girls!

  14. Randi says:

    My oldest daughter has been asking for a ninja costume with a mask since Halloween. My youngest daughter would love an Elsa inspired dress from frozen.

  15. Jeania says:

    The Marie Antoinette gown is adorable. I think any of the princess dresses would be a hit with my 3 year old.

  16. Alison Rossi says:

    We’d pick the astronaut or the mail carrier, hands down! My girls have always been fascinated by the work our mail carriers and they love outer space!

  17. Antonia says:

    So super cute! We would pick one of the long ones! And it would depend on my daughters favorite color… And as that changes day to day it might be something different tomorrow :-)

  18. Melissa McKenna says:

    Scratchy is a problem here too! We also need to wash them by hand so frequently, they get ruined fast. These look great!

  19. Savanna says:

    My son is constantly wearing a costume, even out to lunch or the grocery store. All the dress up clothes on their site look great!

  20. Brooke says:

    Wow! I have a clothes sensitive daughter too. I’ve never heard of you guys vir have now! I’d love to try it out!

  21. Jennifer says:

    Yea! Love that these are not scratchy, and look more durable than the average dress up. My daughter would choose the yellow one. So beautiful and full!

  22. Alaina Kroes says:

    My son loves to dress up! He has so many ninja costumes, I think the monster costume would be a fun addition/change for him.

  23. Kilah says:

    Awesome costumes! I’d love to add more “boy” costumes but I’m pretty sure my kiddos would just want Frozen!

  24. Patricia S says:

    My daughter is very sensitive to fabrics. We would most likely choose one of the “Frozen” dresses or a superhero costume.

  25. Jessica says:

    The store ones are awful – my daughter received one for her birthday and the fabric tore the first time she wore it. Of course she is obsessed with Frozen these days!

  26. Tammyjo says:

    I would be the coolest Aunt on the block if I won! I would choose any of the little boy dress up outfits! They just don’t make good boy dressup outfits in stores!

  27. Marquita Luciano says:

    I would love more princess dresses for my girls…Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White.

  28. Andrea D. says:

    These are awesome! I’ve never seen such detail on a dress up costume, and they look very high quality as well! I’d have two very happy little kiddos if I won! :)

  29. Jessica says:

    I would get the Princess Anna dress. My kids haven’t seen the movie but I know my daughter would love the dress-and I love the style of it too.

  30. Tana says:

    My daughter loves to dress up!
    She would be so excited to add another outfit to her trunk of dress up clothes:)

  31. Shannon Bott says:

    The Frozen dresses are to die for, but no little girls in my house yet! I think my son would choose one of the superhero capes.

  32. Tammy Gollaher says:

    We would order the Ana winter dress and the Elsa dress. (We have been looking for non-scratchy options.) Glad to see the post about this!

  33. Cassandra Coll says:

    I love it! My daughter is on the small side for her age and it’s difficult to find smaller sizes for dress up :P

  34. Katherine says:

    My girls are loving Frozen right now, so I think that a Queen Elsa dress would be awesome! So glad to hear that there is a quality dress up company!

  35. Mieke says:

    Of course my daughter would love Elsa dress but she also wants to be jasmine for Halloween. I like that this jasmine outfit does not show her stomach and looks good quality.

  36. Ashley says:

    I don’t know what I’d choose. My son would love a ninja costume, but my girls would want either Princess Ana or Queen Elsa.

  37. Leslie says:

    I’m so excited to find a good costume company. My kids love dressing up, but I hate how the costumes for local stores just rip and fall apart almost as soon as they put them on. They sure have cute costumes, and I’m glad to see they have stuff for boys, too.

    • Leslie says:

      Also, if I won the costume, I think I would have to get the Jedi cloak for my son. All he talks about it Star Wars.

  38. Melissa says:

    I have 4 daughters ages 6, 4, 3, and 3, who all love to play dress up. I am not sure which one they would choose but the fancier the better, in their minds!

  39. Umm Madiha says:

    The Princess costumes are beautiful and my oldest daughter would love one. The Jedi knight is perfect for my sons and younger daughter. Thanks for introducing us to this wonderful company!

  40. Jennie says:

    My daughter has managed to rip holes in all of her cheapo costumes from retail stores. These costumes look great!

  41. Tiffany Johnson says:

    I have twin girls and they LOVE to dress up!! Evva was Brynn’s night and shining armor this morning! Omg it was too cute!!

  42. Rachael says:

    They all look so fun, I would have a hard time choosing which to get! Maybe I’d get the ninja since my girls have lots of princess dresses.

  43. Victoria McCabe says:

    We already have the ninja and my son loves it! My daughter is getting into dress up now so this is perfect!

  44. Heather says:

    Beautiful. I have 3 little girls who LOVE to dress up! Especially like the ninja costume though…always need some costumes for when boy cousins come to play :)

    • Crystal (Rose) says:

      *Head donk* Forgot to say what I’d pick…green dragon cloak, definitely! My daughter would never take it off!

  45. Allison says:

    The ninja is awesome! My 4-year-old would LOVE it! Or maybe a cape! Or a pirate! Or the little boxer costume! There are so many cute choices! :-)

    • Tyleena says:

      Seriously, over the past two days I’ve tried to narrow it down! My daughter doesn’t have ANY of the dresses available at the link provided so I’m sure she’d love any of them. Maybe the Sophia or Rapunzel dress because she likes the color purple, or any of the “main” princess dresses ( Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty…) I think if we’re chosen, I’m just going to have to leave it up to whoever would be ordering it and/or shipping it out. Surprise package would be kind of exciting haha.

  46. Kelly Broadhead says:

    I would get the ninja costume. I have two boys and my oldest is getting into ninjas and ninja turtles.

  47. cathi says:

    My daughter also has VERY sensitive skin. She has a rare disease called Kawasaki disease. I think this is part of why many certain clothing or the materials they’re made from irritate her skin. She complains about things being itchy a lot. So, I would LOVE to try out these products :) And my daughter is absolutely in love with these dress-up dresses <3

  48. Robin says:

    Love the little Anna (Frozen) dress. That’s probably what my darling 2 yo daughter would choose. Thank you for the opportunity!

  49. Theresa Mcspadden says:

    I would pick the firefighter costume. My husband is a volunteer firefighter and our kids love to pretend to be firefighters :) .

  50. Brittany says:

    My daughter is into all things princess but is also sensitive to fabrics. She’d wear anything related to Frozen, Little Mermaid or Belle. Love these!

  51. Brianne Michelau says:

    My son would LOVE some more additions to his random and sparse assortment of dress up costumes! First choice would definitely be the Boys Superhero Cape!!!

  52. Renee L says:

    Our 5 yr old would be excited about the astronaut or mailman. I can see us making lots of pretend mail for him to deliver!

  53. Jeri Thurber says:

    So many cute things! I think we’d pick the pink-petal-garden-fairy-dress-with-wings, but it would be hard to choose!

  54. Jennifer R. says:

    Hmm, there’s a few we would like. I have a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. We are constantly looking to add to our collection so any would be good! :)

  55. Jennifer R. says:

    They are all so cute I wouldn’t know which to pick. I have a five year old boy and a two year old girl. Any would be a welcome addition! :)

  56. Lauren says:

    My son loves all construction trucks. We just relocated to Alaska, and as the snow melted, we discovered a sandbox in the backyard. It is now filled with them. The construction worker costume would blow his mind!

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