DIY Letter Lego Tiles



Do you have a child who loves Legos?

My son can spend great lengths of time building cars and boats with Legos – from his imagination.  Luckily we have a local Lego store with a pick-a-brick wall and I was able to grab tons and tons of wheels while we were there.  I also grabbed several flat topped Lego tiles because I had a great plan that would incorporate his love of Legos with his current love of reading/spelling.



photo 2_edited-1

All you need is a permanent marker, flat top Lego tiles, and a Lego base to work on.  Use the permanent marker to write letters on the tiles and let the fun begin.  My son likes to spell words and then “teach” me how to sound it out – cuteness.

photo 3_edited-1

**I must note that a few times the tiles were hard to get off, which was a little frustrating for my son.**
This might be something you want to consider before doing this activity.



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6 Responses to DIY Letter Lego Tiles

  1. Arwen says:

    This is awesome!
    To cut down on frustration you could modify it by hot gluing the flat top tiles to 2×2 bricks so they are easier to take off. Or put the letters on the sides of 2×2 bricks and he can read them left to right or up and down.

  2. Christina F says:

    Is that a Duplo building plate? My toddler would love this, but we still have the Diploma out because of our younger child.

  3. Annie Mejia says:

    Awesome idea! To decrease frustration how about putting the tiles on top of 2×2 bricks. You could even you different color bricks for the consonants/vowels like you did with the marker.

  4. Susan says:

    I’m retired now. When I taught kindergarten, the spelling table was one of my students’ favorite hands-on, free-choice activities during center’s time. I had a lego table with commercially-purchased letter tiles (both caps & lower case). I taught the children how to double the use of letter tiles by creating a crossword format with their words. I also had individual boards they could use. I provided a supply of word cards and classmates’ named to assist them. As they learned about endings on words (as s, es, ed, ing, er, etc), they used the tiles to create Ned words from those they knew. Also great with changing first letter(S) to make rhyming words.

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