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We recently took an 11 hour drive up to New York to visit my parents.  I bought a few “activity books” for my girls to do while in the car.  One of the books I purchased was an art book with drawings that were only partially completed.  The object was to “complete” the drawing.  My oldest ended up quite frustrated that she couldn’t finish the pictures “perfectly.”  The drawings were very detailed and it was an overall bad experience.  I liked the concept and wanted to try and recreate it for her… with something she likes to draw, and also more simplified.  It lead me to this invitation:


I printed out some “print out” images of things I thought she would enjoy.  I cut them in half and taped them into her sketch pad.



Bear and Bee





The invitation was not accepted at all.  It’s been in her book for about a week or so and she has absolutely no interest.  ”I don’t like those.  They are too hard.  I do like the dolphin.  Can you just print me out the dolphin so I can color it?”

Yes, I can print you out a dolphin.

While I was printing it out I came up with another idea.  I thought it might encourage her if I finished half of her drawings with some guidelines… such as “dot to dot”.

“Oh, I like this one!  Can you make me a full dolphin?”

photo 1

A dolphin print out and a dolphin dot to dot.

photo 2

DIY Dot to dot.

I simply placed a piece of paper over the print out and wrote letters along the black line.

photo 3

“This is fun!”

photo 4

“It’s a dolphin!!!”

photo 5

“I’m going to color it now.”


About 6 months later I set this invitation out for my daughter again.  She accepted it with open arms.  :-)




Here are a few more invitations that we have visited in the past.


Invitation to draw outside.


Invitation to draw an object.


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