Cups…. They aren’t just for drinking


Playing with cups is not new to Play at Home Mom LLC.  Our children have been using cups in their play many ways throughout the years.


Here is my oldest at 2.5 years building with plastic shot glasses on the light panel.  These shot glasses can be found at Dollar Tree.  They do have them for sale there on and off.  I know they come out every year around February/March.  If you don’t see them in your store now, you will soon!  They come in a variety of colors and can be used in many ways for play.

You can put them in a sensory bin for scooping, build with them, use them for color recognition, sorting, patterns, and the list goes on.

SG (6)_edited-1

Shot glasses being used for scooping colored rice.

SG (3)_edited-1

Shot glasses being used to sort animals by their beginning sounds.


SG (9)_edited-1

You can even use them to introduce math concepts.  Write numbers on the glasses and use them for 1:1 correlation, adding (seen here), etc.




An invitation AK set up for her son.

Blue and green shot glasses with blue and green gems.  Gems can be purchased at Dollar Tree or any craft store.  They are usually in the floral section.


Making patterns on the light panel.  This does not have to be done on the light panel, however, the light adds a wonderful element to your play!  A white towel or pillowcase will work just as well to make the colors stand out even more.

To see a fun game that AK played with her son check out her post on finishing patterns:



We featured this a few years back and it’s something that our children still enjoy today.  My oldest has graduated from a simple letter match to sounding out words.

You simply take a permanent marker and write upper and lowercase letters on each cup.  Above you see the uppercase and lowercase letters stacked on top of each other as well as nested.


My middle daughter loves to play soccer and attends a weekly “class”.  During her practice they played a game where they stacked a bunch of buckets up and then tried to knock them down with the ball.  She LOVED it.  Not just knocking the buckets down but also building the tower back up.  She was asking to play the game over and over again after we got home.  We had a ton of shot glasses on hand so I asked her if she wanted to build a tower.  The shot glass tower just didn’t have the excitement of the buckets since “it’s so small, mommy.”

What do you think we can use that might make the tower bigger?

“How about your coffee cups!?”

That’s a great idea…. let’s try it.

I didn’t have a lot of coffee cups at the house, so again she lost interest.

Our next visit to Dollar Tree I picket up 9 packs of “solo” cups.  They come in packs of 16 in various colors.

I then set the above invitation up for her.

Cups on a mirror.  I thought the mirror would give a fun added dimension.



IMG_8416 IMG_8419

Cleaning up was just as fun.

“Let’s see who can pick up the fastest!  You get the green…. I will pick up the purple.”


Making a Silo/Fort.

 I did help her make the bottom layer on this… to form a circle.


“Do you want to get inside?  I will build around you.”


And of course knocking them down is FUN!!!





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