DIY “Gingerbread” House


We bought a gingerbread set the other day.  It’s something my girls look forward to every year.  I have no idea why because every year we have an EPIC FAIL!!!  This is what our Gingerbread House always looks like…


LOL LOL  We can’t be the only ones???

I really wanted this to work for them so I started brainstorming.  It brought me back to this post:


My Aha moment!  Sooooo… this is where it took us.



We used 2 bags of white chocolate chips for each house.  You can use any sort of chocolate melts but we are obsessed with Ghirardelli.




In the original post we melted the chips in the microwave.  We opted for the stove top this time.

Boil some water and place a bowl on top with your chocolate…. stirring constantly.



My middle girl was planning out her house while the chocolate  was melting.

For the candy we used:


Jelly Beans

Swirly Hard Candies

Pull apart string twizzlers

Mike and Ikes

Coconut Flakes AKA “snow”

This is what we used.  Obviously there are many options. If you want you can make it “healthier” with nuts, raisins, dried fruit etc.




After the chocolate has melted you plop it down on a greased baking sheet.  You can also use wax paper. We didn’t have any on hand.  Make sure the baking sheet is greased!!  If  not, the house will crack.  We learned this the hard way.



Spread the chocolate out in a close enough shape that you want your house.  You can adjust this later.



Add your pretzels to create a design.




Add Candy!




My middle girls.

So cool!!



My oldest.

To get the chocolate off the sheet just use a spatula to gently move it and it will slide right off.

Not only do these look great, but they are super easy for the kids, they taste awesome, and they make great gifts! You can easily put some plastic wrap around them and gift them.

No more nasty tasting pain in the butt gingerbread houses in this house!

Next project:

Make a Christmas Tree!  We plan on using green coloring to color the chocolate.  I will update with pictures when we are done!


We made the Christmas Trees.

We just dyed the chocolate green first.

photo 1



photo 2


photo 3

Snowflakes would also be another fun option.


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5 Responses to DIY “Gingerbread” House

  1. Michelle says:

    I bet you could use the pre-colored candy melts, too, and use the smaller pretzel sticks instead of the rods for “mini” trees!

  2. Trina says:

    I just bought all of the ingredients to make these! Just a question – does the chocolate harden pretty quickly or do you have time to decorate – esp for little, slower hands. Thanks

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