Color Pop!


My youngest recently got this book…


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She cannot get  enough of this book.  She loves popping those little bubbles!  I will have to admit I’m a little addicted, too.  I sometimes find myself popping them well after story time is finished.

A post came to my mind that AK did last year with letters and numbers…


Letter /Number Pop!

Click here for link.

I knew my youngest would love this.  Obviously I altered it a bit based on her interests and capabilities.

I knew she would be frustrated if she had to pop them with her hand so I gave her some cocktail swords to use that we had left over from our PUMPKIN DECONSTRUCTION.

The Invitation:



I used bubble wrap and a permanent marker to color in a bunch of the squares.

I then stretched the bubble wrap out… making the bubbles easier to pop… and taped it down.




So excited to play!!


First she tried popping them with her fingers.


She couldn’t get them to pop so I suggested using the sword.


“Green.  Loud!  That’s loud, Mommy”


“I did it!”

If only we had more bubble wrap…


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