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A few months ago my oldest asked if she could cut her stuffed animals hair.  YES – you may choose to do what you like with your belongings.  We did talk about how if she cut the hair, there was no way to put it back on.  I wanted to make sure she was OK with that.  So…for a few months she has been giving all her dogs (stuffed animals) haircuts.  I wanted to take that interest a step further and set up a salon for her.  I figured I could get some inexpensive stuffed animals at a second hand shop.  AK suggested a wig, which would also be a lot of fun!  After a trip to the Dollar Tree I came across these hair extensions!!  They must have been reading my mind.  :-)


Hair extensions from Dollar Tree.  They had all different colors.  It’s just a headband with a bunch of hair hanging off the back.  We placed them on our stuffed animals.


Play At Home Mom Salon is born.


Our customers patiently waiting for their cut.

I placed a shower liner (Dollar Tree) under the chairs for easy clean up.


Equipment all purchased from Dollar Tree as well.

Brushes, combs, hair clips, spray bottle, and scissors.


Our head stylist getting ready for her first cut.


Clipping the hair back.


Spraying with water.


Hard at work!  They adored this.  :-)


My oldest had quite the technique.


My youngest joined in on the fun when she woke up from her nap.

She held her baby on her lap while my oldest gave her a haircut.  <3


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2 Responses to Play At Home Mom Salon

  1. Becky says:

    Great idea. Love Dollar Tree! One funny thing I noticed in one of your pictures, the one where she’s cutting the green hair, is that someone’s bare bottom is showing! Kids :)

  2. Lisa says:

    I think we will have to do this. Granny is a beautician so I think my little one would love to do this in Granny’s shop! Never thought to do this before even though she gravitates towards the toy chair at walmart when we are out with Granny.

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