Sponges and Water – $1.00 Sensory Bin


My 20 month old is obsessed with water play.  She can sit in the bath… or anywhere for that matter… just dumping and pouring.  I set up invitations like THIS often.  I wanted to add something fun to the mix and play off her interests.  We took a trip to Dollar Tree today and I found some inspiration.  They have tons of different types of sponges… rough, smooth, soft, and all kinds of different shapes.  They would be perfect to add to a HOMEMADE SENSORY BOARD


I wanted to stick with something simple so I picked up a 10 pack of just plain foam sponges.


This is from just 1 pack of sponges.  It filled a decent sized bin up.  My oldest also added a few cut-out shapes to the sponges she picked out (the yellow and green).

I cut the sponges up in different shapes and sizes.

There are SO many options for this and it is awesome for vocabulary building not to mention the sensory aspect.

Soft, Rough, Round, Square, Squishy, Long, Short, etc.


I set the bin out with a container of water.  I absolutely LOVE the way she PLAYS!!!  It’s so fun to watch.

Here she is trying to push a piece of sponge into the water container.


Hmmm… well that doesn’t fit.  Maybe it’s just for me to drink?



“You are squeezing the yellow circle!  Does it feel squishy?”


I always say this and I will say it again… NEVER underestimate the abilities of your children.  When my daughter was younger we did a lot of play with the sense of touch… like this post seen HERE.  We haven’t done this since she was an infant.  I tend to just talk to her now while she’s out in her natural environment about how things feel, smell… and sometimes taste.  :-P  Today while she was playing she put the sponge up to her face (like I used to do with her when she was an infant) and said “soft”.  Wow!


Look, a red triangle!


More face touching.


I was a little confused at what she was trying to accomplish here at first.  She was holding this one blue square in her hand and had such a deep look of concentration on her face…


With no prompting or persuasion… She found it!!!!  A match.  :-)


Another match!


“Wow, you found a little blue piece.”


Trying to fit as many in her hands as possible.



Lastly, she went for the water.

“Blech…. ewwwwwweeee.”

I guess she preferred to leave the water out this time.

***  For an added sensory element you can also wet and freeze the sponges.  ***





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4 Responses to Sponges and Water – $1.00 Sensory Bin

    • pahm says:

      About 20 minutes but she probably would have played longer hadn’t she dumped all the water on the sponges. She did not like the feel of it with water.

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