Mirrors, Sand, and Symmetry

Last year my mother bought a butterfly kit for my son from Insect Lore.  Unfortunately, the live caterpillars did not survive.  We recently purchased a new batch – perfect for a spring/summer project.  The entire experience was a huge hit!  We checked out books from the library, watched short videos about the life cycle of a butterfly, and took advantage of opportunities to play, create, and explore.  Once the butterflies emerged, we talked about symmetry…..which led to this fun activity.  I don’t have a lot of pictures because it was pretty spontaneous – as the activity tray was already conveniently full of sand and held the mirrors as well.
Using the activity tray with mirrors, I showed him how to draw half of a butterfly in order to create reflected symmetry.  Then he tried…..
My son’s butterfly….quite impressive considering he rarely to never draws….ever!
“Mommy, I need to draw the caterpillar in the chrysalis, too.”
He drew a sun, too!
The fun continued and has been revisited since (sorry, no pics)….drawing shapes, clouds, rockets, and a flying ladybug.
**Colored sand can be purchased on amazon or in the craft section of Michaels craft store.**

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3 Responses to Mirrors, Sand, and Symmetry

  1. Paige says:

    genius! I love taking paint (acrylic, fabric paint, etc.), putting it one side of paper and folding it together. It always makes neat designs!

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