Thanksgiving Place Cups

Don’t forget to remember your children when planning your Thanksgiving Feast next week!  Often times the holiday’s can become very stressful and hectic…. SLOW DOWN and let them play a role!  
It is important to us that the guests coming into our home feel welcomed and loved.  We together as a family have been brainstorming ideas.
One of the things we were talking about is where everyone would sit.  
We came up with a plan which was a joint decision and suggested by my 4 year old.  I have to give her credit…. it was a well thought out arrangement!  I asked them if they would like to make place cards to put on the table.  They said yes and I gave them a few different options.  They decided to make Pilgrim hats.  We attempted to make them with plaster and it was a bust.  
The other night at dinner my oldest asked if there was going to be enough cups for everyone.  We started talking about what cup/plate their friends would have (yes, they are particular… LOL) and I suggested buying special cups for the occasion.  This was a very exciting YES moment for them.  Off we went to the dollar store for them to pick out glasses.  
I thought it would be fun to decorate them but wasn’t sure if it would be possible.  Thank you internet!  I did a search and I got a bunch of results for sharpie DIY coffee mugs.  I figured if it worked on that it would work on a wine glass??  We were going to find out!  
My oldest two decorating their cups.  

My middle girl kept wiping off her design after she drew on it.  She was in shock when I told her it could stay on the glass.  LOL LOL   



My oldest writing her name.  
After you finishing designing put them in a COLD oven at 350.  I placed ours on a rimmed cookie sheet.  Bake for 20 minutes, turn the oven off, and let them sit 10 minutes more before you take them out.  It will take a good 20-30 minutes before they completely cool.  Try not to touch them as they will be hot and can crack.  I was a little impatient and tapped the bottom of one of the glasses to see if it was cool and it cracked on me.  
Once baked in the oven the sharpie should not come off when washed.  I hand washed them and had no problems.  I didn’t attempt to put them in the dishwasher. 

Here our the girls finished glasses.  Perfect with some Sparkling Apple Cider.  

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4 Responses to Thanksgiving Place Cups

  1. so pretty. Hope this works for you – I tried coloured sharpies on mugs and all the colours washed away except the black ;( Just the same I’m sure you will get at least one fancy dinner out of them.

  2. Lewis says:

    I’m thinking you’d need markers designed for such a project. I’ve been told in the past that Sharpies wouldn’t work for something like this.

  3. toffelnigar says:

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  4. cartes says:

    I am trying this tonight as a present for a little girl who loves cheerleading and is moving to a new home after the new year…figured a new decoration for her new room was fitting!

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