Imaginary Adventures (with an overhead projector)

My son loves going on imaginary adventures – particularly on airplanes and boats.  It usually just involves my bed or his bed….and some pillows.  He prefers to just imagine things rather than bring objects into his play, which I love.  Yesterday we went on a trip that looked something like this:
We went to Oshinatu, where we sat on a nest of eggs and watched in awe as 4 baby ducks and 1 baby turtle were born. Their names were Stainer, Rainer, Mainer, Crainer, and Scrainer. The ducks sat and kissed my arms. Just as they were about to take their first swim, we noticed there were alligators in the water………

Today I thought I would help him delve deeper into his imaginative play.  I printed some pictures onto transparency sheets using my LASER printer.  This did not work with my ink jet printer when I tried it a few months ago, but you can take pictures to places like Kinkos and have them print them on transparencies for you….and I think there may be transparency sheets specifically for ink jet printers.  I would love to make these available to everyone, but that would be A LOT of ink and A LOT of postage for me.  

We have an overhead projector that I purchased from Craigslist for $30 a few years ago.  I simply projected the pics onto a white sheet hung on the wall and let the fun begin.  This was a HUGE, HUGE hit!!  I think the airplane was by far his favorite.

Wanna play in the forest??

An invitation to explore in an imaginary forest.

An invitation to sail on the ocean.

The “boat” and accessories.

Ocean Adventure

The box boat tore, so he made a boat with his blocks.
Invitation to FLY!!
His “controls”
He LOVED this one!!
The controls are something he made back in April.  Today he added an apple slicer to steer.  Love it!!

Controls – picture from April, 2012

for a video of him “flying” today.


Fly to – and walk on – the moon.

Swim (take a bath) with dolphins.

The possibilities are endless with this.  I also have a construction site picture and an under the sea picture for future play.

For more projector play, click HERE.


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16 Responses to Imaginary Adventures (with an overhead projector)

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  2. Just amazing. Really really wonderful. My little boy likes to create grand happenings in his head too. Oh this is just too wonderful. I know he would LOVE this! He would spend ALL day playing with it. I could make him a stage with an orchestra and he would be in heaven. So brilliant!

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