Alphabet Blocks…..of Ice.

Alphabet ice blocks
 Our first play with these perfect cube ice molds ——>  is HERE.  Today, we revisited them in a whole new way – alphabet blocks.  So fun!  We used LETTER JEWELS and simply froze them in the molds.

Check out more alphabet ice play —–> HERE.

  Its an obvious opportunity to learn about hot/cold, melting, properties of water, etc…..but you can also…….
…talk about and build sight words – for older children.
…create the alphabet….or play “insert the missing letter”
…incorporate heavy machinery
“Its carrying the K block”
…smash them……there are NO letter in the ones he smashed
…build CVC words – for older children
Just explore, play, and have fun!!

Some other options…

  • put same colored letters together
  • stack cubes
  • slide them down a rain gutter – “there goes the G block”
  • separate into consonants and vowels
  • spell name
  • match letters to objects with corresponding beginning sounds
  • etc…………….


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3 Responses to Alphabet Blocks…..of Ice.

  1. Hi, great idea for summer play! But I’m curious – where did you get the trucks your son is playing? I’m looking for a set with moving parts for my 2 1/2 year old. Thanks!

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