Special Delivery

“Mommy, I’m a delivery man.  I deliver the mail.  I have a special delivery for you.”

This has been an imaginative play scenario with my son for about a month now.  I knew I wanted to get him a mailbox, but I had this vision of what it would look like in my head and just couldn’t find what I wanted – until today.  I stumbled across this vintage looking mailbox at our local World Market and both my son and I love it.  He explored it a bit when we got home and as he was eating his lunch, I quickly set up this invitation to delve deeper into his imaginary play.  We spent the entire afternoon playing “special deliver man” (aside from an hour or so where we went swimming with RL and her girls). 

Invitation to play.  Mailbox, envelopes, cards, pencils.
I was secretly hoping it might inspire him to write a bit….or at least use a writing tool.  Yeah – not so much.  He did draw a tree on one card and a balloon on another, but that was it.
Look at that smile.
Checking the mail.  He thinks this door is “cool”.
He told me he needed a mail bag.
He also said we needed stamps, so we used stickers.  He said the letter was for me and asked me to write Mommy on the envelope.
He later asked if we could hang the mailbox…and he chose the spot.  :)
“Reading” his mail.

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4 Responses to Special Delivery

  1. Littlelubes says:

    Just stumbled across your page and I’m addicted!
    My Mum was a post mistress and I always wanted to copy her, she created a little station just like this for me. She even ran paper through the sewing machine to create ‘tearable’ sheets of stamps that we then drew queens heads on :)

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas! Xx

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