Broken Bones – Orthopedics at Work

As you all know my girls love playing doctor.  You can see our latest doctor post where they performed open heart surgery HERE.  Here is yet another extension off of that play.  One of their favorite books right now is “Maisy Goes to the Hospital”.  In the book, Maisy falls off the trampoline and breaks a leg.  They are always asking a million questions…
How does it get better?
Is the cast hard?
Can she take it off?
How come her friends are writing on it?
I set us this invitation up for them below.
Casting Invitation
I know there are a bunch of different paper mache recipes out there.  For this invitation we used one part glue to one part water.  
A willing participant.  (LOL)  

Pouring in the water
(All my oldest’s curls are gone.  :-(  AK and I had some BAD experiences at the hair place last week)


Mixing it all up.  

My oldest (3.5) prepping me for the cast.  
Sorry about the quality of pictures.  I was taking them myself while they put my cast on.  

My 27 Month old getting her first strip ready.  She was EXTREMELY particular that they didn’t bend, fold, etc.  Very true to her nature.  If it wasn’t perfect she tossed it in the garbage.  

My oldest ditched the invitation at this part.  She did NOT want to get messy!  

Carefully placing newspaper on my leg.  

Very precise!  I was kinda shocked at how much she enjoyed this. I thought for sure my oldest was going to run the show.

Taking off excess glue.

Almost done!  

Our original plan was to let it dry and then paint it white so we could color it.  It ended up being a bust. “The doctor’s” told me I was healed much sooner than expected and we needed to cut it off.  :-)  We tried to save it so we can use it again for future play but it fell apart.  I’m sure it was a combination of taking it off before it dried and my 27 Month old didn’t quite cover my complete leg.  There were a few holes and it was only a layer or two deep.  
This was a bit messy.  I would definitely recommend laying a blanket or some sort of sheeting down underneath.  I also had a garbage can and towel close by.  My 27 month old liked to wipe her hands off after each piece.  

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5 Responses to Broken Bones – Orthopedics at Work

  1. Jorie says:

    So fun! When I was a child you could get plaster-ready gauze at the medical supply store, you just wet it and then make a cast. I’m guessing this isn’t around anymore though!! We loved to make each other casts or make “masks” out of our own faces this way. What a good idea.

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