I-Spy Redneck Waterbed

When I initially made our “redneck waterbed” – seen HERE, I had every intention of putting things inside.  I was so excited about getting it together, though, that I totally forgot.  

**NOTE – For the waterbed I only used ONE piece of sheeting, not two.  I folded it over and taped the three open sides closed.***MAKE SURE YOU FILL IT ON A FLAT GROUND** 

So, today I decided to create the “I-Spy” version….and invited RLs girls and some other friends over to join us.  I made the waterbed just as I did in the original post, but added foam letters this time.  The children had ZERO interest in the letters – they were too busy marching and flipping and having fun.  LOL


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RLs youngest checking out the letters.
Two of our boy friends came over to play.
The little ones checked out the letters from time to time.

We also put water and dish soap on the waterbed and used it as a slip-n-slide.  I joined in, so I don’t have any pics of that, but it was sooooooooo fun!!

Oh wait….RL got a few pics of the kids using it as a slip-n-slide……

The kids running toward the waterbed/slip n slide
After a slide

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16 Responses to I-Spy Redneck Waterbed

  1. Shanna Page says:

    This is awesome! I saw the original post via pinterest and have been wanting to make one. I love the idea of putting foam letters in for the I Spy version. We’ll be making this with a friend this weekend..can’t wait!

  2. we made one this weekend and it was AWESOME!! The kids loved it!! Especially my son with some sensory processing issues– he pretty much stayed on it for an entire 50 minutes!- he never does any one thing for 50 minutes!! It was amazing! What an awesome sensory-filled, calming activity for him! I didn’t add anything in the “water bed” this time, but have another pastic sheeting to do it again and will add some fun things inside! Thank you!

  3. Melissa says:

    You have some fabulous ideas, I am a special education teacher and am always looking for someway to allow my autism students to participate in Field Day, but they can not do manyof the activities. I would love to use some of your ideas to give them their own Sensory field day if you do not mind.

    • JennJennPA says:

      Melissa, this may not be a field day activity burner is def a classroom Activity. Take them ice skating, in the classroom! We did this in kindergarten, and when ives preschool aid I had to thinking an indoor gym activity, in a highschool, with out leave a classroom. And I remembered, blue bulletin board paper (or large poster board sheets if u wanna do it at home) and making tape or duct tape! Roll it out, cut it, tape it to the floor and put the kids in their socks! You deviate the edges with cotton or batting from a fabric store for snow! Our class went nuts! So did the other aids and the teachers when untold them I was taking the class ice skating, but they loved the idea when they saw it :)

  4. JessandBen says:

    Maybe you could help me understand how you actually fill this thing up. I understand that you tape the 3 open sides, but when does the water go in? Thanks!

  5. I just saw this thanks to Piterest! I am student teaching this semester and looking for new sensory ideas and absolutely love this! Do you think a garbage bag would be possible to use to make a small one or would that not be sturdy enough? If that would not work how do you cut and secure the sheeting enough so it does not pop? Thanks!

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