Illuminated Easter Egg Hunt

Plastic Easter Eggs
I know it’s a bit early for Easter, but with all of the Easter stuff out in stores, my son has been asking to do an Easter egg hunt.  I bought some FINGER LIGHTS online , put them in the eggs with some other fun stuff, and set this up for him tonight.  He absolutely LOVED it!  I cant wait to do it outside one night – so fun!
For more fun in the dark, check out RLs post HERE 
(where I drew some inspiration from).
The eggs are just your standard plastic Easter eggs that can be purchased pretty much anywhere this time of year. 
THESE are the lights I used.  

Plastic egg and finger light


The eggs are ready to hide
I hid the eggs while he was in the bath…..its still a little light outside.
on the hunt
Checking out his loot


His illuminated eggs
Eggs hidden in the playroom
Eggs hidden in the playroom




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22 Responses to Illuminated Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Jessica says:

    This is awesome. My son is blind but can see light so I am going to give this a try. What do the lights you put in the eggs look like and do you know the name/brand of lights you used?


  2. ibyte1000101 says:

    Look for “The eggs are just your standard plastic Easter eggs that can be purchased pretty much anywhere this time of year. THESE are the lights I used. You can find them at Michaels in the wedding aisle.” on this page and click on “THESE”,its a link with a picture of the lights.

  3. Keri says:

    SERIOUSLY an amazing idea! if it wasn’t a blizzard outside i would run to Michaels right this very second and pick up those lights!! what a great idea- i just love it!

  4. Julie says:

    We did this tonight….it was SO cool! My daughter insisted on taking one egg to bed with her. We will be doing this again and again. I am so glad you shared! Thank you! There is nothing better than to be able to delight a child!

  5. Ro says:

    I found some “immersible” led lights at Michaels yesterday which were amazing in the tub,hidden in green eggs for St. Pat’s!! The ones you linked to say they last 8 hours… does that mean you can’t replace the battery? Can you turn them off between uses? (Our Michaels didn’t have them.)

    • Julie says:

      I tried this, and yes, you can turn them off. Yes, the batteries are replacable. I found them at JoAnn Etc for 15.99$ and a 50% off a non-sale item coupon!

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