Infant Sensory Play – Touch

Children learn about the world around them through their senses.  
Touch is a vital sense, which affects the bond between parent and child. 
By providing your infant with the opportunity to use their sense of touch you are:
  • boosting your child’s tactile development
  •  improving their sociability
  •  stimulating their cognitive development 
  • encouraging language development 
  • building motor skills and an active curiosity

Providing these opportunities for your infant is simple.  Search around your house for items with different textures.  
Sensory ball, paint roller, little blanket, feathers, toothbrush, straw (to blow air), silk tie, bath scrubber

2 Months old
I have worked this play into our routine at the same time each day.  My infant knows that after morning bottle we go upstairs for some sensory play!  Here she is getting excited for what is to come!  

I always start from the feet first and work my way up.  This way something is not just thrown into her face.  
“Do you feel daddy’s tie?  It’s so soft!  Do you feel that on your foot?  Daddy’s tie is so smooth!  Let’s see how it feels on your knees.  Up to your belly!  Would you like to touch daddy’s tie with your hands?  That feels silky!  Oh.. you’re tasting it?  How does that taste?  Should we put it on your head?  That’s so silly!  Where did ____ go?  There she is!!  
You can provide these opportunities for your child all throughout the day.  I always try to involve my youngest with my older two.  Here she is with her feet in water beads.  
Joining in on some paint play!  
Another excellent way to connect with your child through the sense of touch is with a massage.  Massages are worked into our bedtime routine with all of my children.  
For some wonderful information on infant massage please check out this website.  


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7 Responses to Infant Sensory Play – Touch

  1. MLT says:

    Love this! More infant ideas, please! =D Thank you for sharing your great ideas! :)

    BTW.. Do you have any issues with the toothbrush or straw when it comes to your child wanting to put it in his/her mouth? These are two items that would cause frustrations for my son because he wants to have everything in the mouth (naturally) & doesn’t like my hands meddling/interfering with his exploration.

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