Pony Bead Ornaments/Suncatchers

We were all set to make some more GLUE CATCHERS the other day when my oldest asked to put beads in hers.  Sure!  This is where it led us.  It’s kinda a combination of our glue catchers and WINDOW ART  I was not sure how these were going to dry but they came out great!  DIY fuse beads!
Wax Paper
Pony beads (translucent if you want to use them as a sun catcher)
Cookie cutter shapes
Place pony beads inside the cookie cutter.  Fill up with glue and let dry!  To prevent the glue from leaking, you can place a heavier object on top of the cutter to hold it down in place.  We filled ours up just enough to cover the beads.  These took a little while longer to dry… I think 3 days??  After they were dry we flipped them over.  Before popping them out of the cookie cutter, we gave them a coat of modge podge just to make sure they would stick.  I’m not sure if we needed this or not but my daughter was so excited about these I really wanted them to work!
My 21M old filling hers up with glue.  She could care less about the beads.  She just wanted to squeeze!
My oldest filling hers up with beads
Pouring glue over top
Finished…  Still need to dry them.
Dried and up in the window!  It was not sunny today but you get the idea.  :-)  To hang them we just cleared out a hole in one of the glued pony beads.  I used floral wire to hang them because we will eventually transfer these to the tree when it’s up!
Close up

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19 Responses to Pony Bead Ornaments/Suncatchers

  1. Amanda says:

    Great! I think it would be fun to get cookie cutters for every holiday and decorate our windows with these! I wonder what these would like like with the glitter pony beads?

  2. Betsy Brown says:

    With the holiday season upon us, I’m wondering what your children ask for Christmas from Santa (assuming they’re old enough to do Santa and/or that your families do Santa). Do they ask for additional arts/crafts supplies and things that would be appropriate for their play rooms, or do they also ask for more mainstream toys, such as branded merchandise? How do you handle gift giving other times of the year — do aunts & uncles, grandparents, etc. want to give them Barbie Dolls, Disney Princesses, etc.? And if so, how do you handle it?

  3. Kirstie says:

    I didn’t have glitter, but had beads, so we did this one today! Used different sized star cookie cutters and will hang them from each other. Perfect gift for my mother-in-laws January birthday!

  4. Abbie says:

    I’m confused. Doesn’t the glue permanently adhere to the cookie cutters? How do you remove the cookie cutters after they’ve dried?

  5. HHRose says:

    Well, we tried these. As usual, I’m craftily challenged. :) I think maybe we didn’t fill the glue high enough to cover the tops of the beads (even though it certainly SEEMED so at the time). Will try again!

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