A playroom… that grew over time

I know as a lot of you look at our “environment” pictures it may seem a little overwhelming.  I just wanted to show you that our playroom did grow over time… and it still continues to grow/change.    
It was not in our budget to just make it the playroom it is today.  I can’t tell you how many times I have switched this room around.  
A little history…
We moved from South Florida to NC.  When we first moved here, we moved in with my MIL in her 3 bedroom house.  We had 2 bedrooms to our name.  
This is my oldest daughter (11 Months) playing at her “art table” in her bedroom at my MIL’s.
Where it all started…
After a move, a new job for my husband, baby #2 due in 2 months, and my MIL’s passing, we moved into our new house.  Yes, we go through changes/challenges, too!  

I don’t have a lot of pictures, but as you can see here our art table made it against the wall under the window.  

The art table became an “art corner”

Adding little by little. 

How our art supplies first started off.  
One shelf along the wall was added and we chucked the alphabet letters (it was too busy).

Then we added another row and our dollar tree buckets… as seen in the background. 

The walls got some color!  The art table moved to the middle of the room for a bit.  

The mirrors and shoe organizer were added.  The finished artwork display also got a facelift.  :-)  

As you can see, it STILL is changing.  The last few months my daughters have been painting a ton.  My oldest has been using the scissors and cutting paper a lot.  I wanted to display the paints/papers/scissors in a different way because of that.  Paints went out on the shelf instead of in the paint box, and the paper and scissors are now on the wall for easier access.  

My husband added a shelf into the built-in’s for Playmobil play.  

Empty containers were moved to kitchen area since they were used over there the most.  Magna tiles were moved to magnetic white board because my daughters use them to make houses for their magnet girl.  We added a play-doh section for my youngest since it’s one of her favorites right now.  

One couch was taken out of the reading area as they seem to migrate to their rooms to read.  Kitchen was added for their dramatic play.  Peg board was added to organize white/felt board materials that get a ton of use.  
This is a playroom that has grown over almost 2 YEARS!  I am sure it will change again when baby 3 gets here in 3 weeks.  
If you start off little by little (just like we did) you can have an amazing space that works for YOU.  

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24 Responses to A playroom… that grew over time

  1. Mrs. Wade says:

    My daughter is 14 months old and her play space ha@ changed atleast 4 times in location/layout/organization! I’m in the process of changing it yet again and will probably keep doing so as she grows and changes and our family expands :-) Congratulations on the new baby and where did you get the magnetic felt board and accessories?

  2. Danielle says:

    What I have found is that we’re growing little by little… but not at all in the same room. It’s not too bad though, since everything is organized, and it’s one story, so my 3 year old daughter can get around to what she needs for play pretty easily.

  3. Danny says:

    What a relief! I just had my first little girl and I would love to have a space for her to play. I’ve seen your playrooms on the blog and have been entirely overwhelmed! Thank you for showing us the evolution of the play room.

  4. Ange says:

    I LOVE this. QUick question. On the peg board there are containers hanging. What are those containers? Did you buy them somewhere specific. I think that looks like a great way to organize our playroom without spending a lot of money to do so.
    Thanks! angellsworth at

  5. @Mrs. Wade Magnetic Felt board we bought on amazon. You can see it here.

    @KC Kitchen was purchased at Land of Nod on clarence. I looked the other day and they don’t carry it anymore. The company is Little Colorado. If you do an internet search you can find different places that carry that brand.

    @Ange The peg board containers were purchased here…

  6. Rebekah says:

    Your kids are super lucky to have such a big room filled with materials that support play and learning. Their friends must love to come over for playdates.

  7. Miranda says:

    I have slowly been giving my almost 2 yr old more and more open access to the art supplies. He doesn’t yet have full access to everything all the time because I have a few concerns. How do you deal with then wanting to simply dump everything or do your two not do that?

  8. Jessica says:

    ahh this is great! I have a 9mo old, and we will be moving in a few months (hopefully) to a house, and finally have a playspace for her. What would you suggest starting with? I’m guessing a table and chairs, and maybe make a sensory table to play with messy things.

  9. I was wondering about the little kids dumping things too. My daughter doesn’t but we have younger kids over to play or babysit often so I would have to be concerned about things like paint and scissors being in the open. Do you let your littles or other kids play freely in that room or is it supervised play only? Maybe you just worry less about paint spills than I do? Thank you so much for sharing how we can grow a little at a time! I love the paper hangers on the wall!

  10. @Jessica I personally would definitely want some sort of art space.. table and chairs with art materials. I would also want some sort of bin/table for sensory play. It does not have to be a full out table if you don’t have the room. Any old container will work. Have you seen our full environment posts? Lots of great ideas there.

    @Christina.. paper organizers were sitting in my husband’s office. LOL I am sure you can find them at a office supply store.. staples, office max etc. I think they are meant to just sit on a desk… but we just hung them up instead.

    @thehighernest I got the frames at Michaels Craft Store.

    @Whole Child Creative Curriculum, Midlife Army Wife, and Miranda… just did a post on dumping, etc.

  11. Andrea says:

    Love this post! I eventually want to work on turning our basement into a playroom, but in the meantime want to give my son and daughter access to these things where I can. Do you mind me asking what are all the supplies you have on the two shelves below the mirrors? I see markers, crayons, Popsicle sticks, chalk, “poms”, and glue but I can’t make out the rest. I love the ideas! You got the clear containers the popsicle sticks and such are in at the dollar store? Are they plastic or glass?
    Thanks so much!

  12. Trisha says:

    This is fantastic, amazing and wonderful!! I have my own 3 children and a daycare at home. I would LOVE to be able to create a space like this! Congrats on baby #3! Can’t wait to see your infant ideas!

    P.s. I noticed commenters asking a lot about where you get your materials. I found this great website where you can “stash” your materials and readers like me could easily see what you use and where we can get it too. Just an idea…

  13. Jenny says:

    How do you keep your carpets clean? I have been trying to figure out a good, big art mat to lay down in our playroom so he can do his art in there instead of the kitchen (hard wood floors).

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