Bubble Boy

Today we made a walk in bubble.  This definitely takes two people to make.  All you need is plastic sheeting, duct tape, and a fan.  We sealed the sides with the duct tape, left a hole for the fan and a hole to crawl in and out.  We played in this for so long that by the time we got out it was 6:00 and I had not cooked any dinner – oops – PIZZA NIGHT!  LOL
This is what I used (Home Depot)
I used one sheet
 My son and I in the bubble.
Hole for the fan, hole to crawl in
 He was naked, so I had to blur out all of the nakedness.  This is inside the bubble.
 So cool!!
 Loving it.  He kept saying “wow, Mommy, its the biggest bubble ever”.  :)
Tomorrow, we are planning to paint inside the bubble!!
 ”Hi Mommy”
 We brought in some balls (per request).
 Throwing balls in the bubble – he loved how they slid down the side “like a track”.

****PLEASE NOTE:  As with all of our activities, this was SUPERVISED.  At no time was any child at risk in any way.  We only encourage parents/caregivers to do what they are comfortable with.****

Tape length-wise for a bubble tunnel



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69 Responses to Bubble Boy

  1. @Senorita – or inside, or eating dinner, or mowing the grass in the back yard, or swinging in the garage……LOL LOL

    There has been NOTHING “terrible” about age 2, but it sure has been naked! LOL LOL

  2. Skyfire says:

    That’s funny, the naked 2′s. My oldest NEVER wanted to be naked. The first time I put her in a dress without leggings, she looked at me in horror and said, “Pants!”

  3. Lori says:

    This is the cooooolest thing I have EVER seen! Getting supplies today for it an will be having a blast too! Thanks so much for sharing! Reminds me of ET also! Lol

  4. The first time I read through, I missed the part where you explained that he was naked and I was wondering, ‘What is he wearing?! A loincloth?!’ :)
    Anyway, FUN idea. I guess the fan might keep it cool enough that I could do it her in the south where it’s 100 degrees?

  5. @BETH – I think the web site I got the idea from has the hole to crawl in on the opposite end (kind of on the side) of the bubble than the fan. Im not sure if it makes a difference.

    @MIKE AND WENDY – LOL! It was 101 outside when we did this.(we were in a shaded area, though)

  6. whocanfind? says:

    We did this when I was in junior high. We covered the plastic with waterlife, fish and plants and other bubbles. When it was blown up, we were walking into a water wonderland. I forgot about this. Thank you for sharing it!

  7. Alexis says:

    oh my gods.. I am such a nervous mother.. I was totally worrying about it collapsing and suffocating the kids.. I would never be able to do it.. good on you guys for trying new things..

    • DS says:

      Not really.. this thing is so large with large enough holes that even if it collapsed it would have plenty of air inside of it. A kid isn’t just going to sit there, and their moving around, raising arms etc would suck more air in. Even a two year old could easily get out of it or rip a hole in it. Older children would be in no danger at all.

  8. aBabyJ says:

    Some folks have trouble reading and somehow it is the same who never hesitate to butt in with ignorant comments. Mom is INSIDE the “bubble” WITH HER CHILD. This is no more dangerous than teaching your child to swim! And looks like such fun. Kudos, busy mama! I dont know how you do it all…

    • I do not feel their comments are ignorant. We teach our kids to not play with plastic bags and then we do fun things like this that seem to contradict. As cool as it looks, I am not sure I would do it with my kids – whether i was inside or not. It is mine, and others, perogative to have a different view of this activity.

    • Sharon says:

      I totally agree. Those are not ignorant comments. I’m all for fun but also don’t believe I could do this activity with my kids because of the hazardous potential of it. What if the power went out and the whole thing collapsed on them? Looks like fun but knowing me I just couldnt do it.

    • Kk says:

      Is there not hazardous potential in 75% of what children do? Climbing trees? Branches snap all the time. Swinging on swing sets? Number one way kids knock their teeth out. Putting your kid on a school bus with a stranger driving and no seatbelts has far more hazardous potential than the bubble Idea.
      The same way it takes a minute or so to inflate it takes time to deflate meaning you’d have time to get yourself and your kids out. It’s plastic, not a death trap.

    • the picture, as well as the description, clearly indicates that there are holes to climb in an out of. You are not “sealing” the child in this. If your first reaction was “DANGER”….I say try it! Your kids will love it. If you are nervous…follow the directions and be right there with them…you will soon see that this activity is COMPLETELY safe for children.

  9. Kmom4 says:

    It would be really fun also to blow up a bunch of balloons and put in there… that way the fan would blow them all around… I think i might do this for my childrens bday party this year! So fun

    • Kk says:

      I tried the balloon idea and it didn’t work too well. My fan at least wasn’t strong enough to keep them circulating. I did let the kids paint inside of it and that was a lot of fun for them.

  10. zulu says:

    Hi, I’m from South Africa and when i asked for plastic sheeting at the hardware shop all I got was blank stares. They have spot sheets for painters but not clear plastic like yours. So what is the general use for plastic sheeting? besides giant bubbles of course.. I’m on the hunt, I’ll try some other kinds of shops.. any ideas?

    • Cydne says:

      the clear sheeting I found was a vapor barrier used when building houses to cover the exterior insulation before putting the siding on. Often you see it with a logo on it, but there is a clear plastic version also.

  11. This gives me such nostalgia. When my son was a toddler, he broke his femur and ended up in a body cast for the summer. We rigged something similar with plastic, a fan and clothespins. (And constant supervision, of course!) Not much a child can do in a body cast, so it was great for him to have something fun to do even though he couldn’t move much. Thanks for the memories!
    Kim Norman

  12. Those ideas are amazing. Our company, HofK Exhibits, fabricates themed sensory rooms and your ideas are great! If anyone wants ideas or wants to locate sensory products we would be more than happy to help. Love it!

  13. stacy rhetts says:

    I made this last night for my friends kids. It was July 4th so we needed something to keep them busy till fireworks time. I live in Ga where it’s very hot & the fan kept the “balloon” very cool. The kids played in there for like 3 hours. I blew up some balloons for them to play with inside. The best part was when my friends little girl came up to me ask asked when we were going to go up like the movie. I almost died it was so cute! What a wonderful idea thanks for sharing & making me the coolest Ms. Stacy ever!

  14. Mama Durso says:

    I did something like this when I was teaching high school biology. We were doing our cell unit, so I made a big “cell” and they made proportionally appropriate organelles as a project. My high school juniors? LOVED IT. From the moment they walked into my classroom they could not WAIT for the bell to ring so they could step inside with their organelles.

    And now my boys love it!

    Walk in bubbles are fun for all ages!!

  15. Kk says:

    This was so much fun and a cheap idea. We made an extra large one using 2 sheets of plastic (to fit myself and two kids) and it lasted for days. We let it deflate, brought it into the garage at night and it was back out again the next day for more play.

    I love your ideas, theyre so much fun and these are the things kids will always remember doing. Thanks for this post. :)

  16. Tyleena says:

    For the mothers having a hard time with the idea of putting your child inside the “bubble”, maybe a good alternative would be to fill the “bubble” with water instead of with air from a fan? Then seal it up and let your child play on the “water bed”… A friend of mine made a water bed with these same materials and colored the water, from the pictures, it looks like her children had a BLAST. :)

  17. susan says:

    I love this idea! It would be fun idea fof my daughters crayola party on her 5th birthday Don’t feel bad my Daughter is 4 and she always runs around the house naked! When she was a baby I potty trained her that way she was 16 months when I started her she was fully trained by 19 months! And I used to adjust the temperature in the house and keep her in a diaper when she started to crawl because I had two dogs and I couldn’t stand when she would get dog hair on her clothes… so now she only puts clothes on if she has to! Although as she gets older she will have to start wearing them a little more in the house too! And In Case Anyone Is Wondering There Are No Men In The House Just Me Her And My mom.. If her dad comes here she gets dressed! And she says her dad is a boy and boys can’t see your Coolie! Haha

  18. Beverly says:

    Like both ideas do them both at same time put water bed in bubble nice place for a nap with mom watching

  19. Beverly says:

    Like both ideas do them both at same time put water bed in bubble nice place for a nap with mom watching

  20. Leigh says:

    This looks like a fun activity. I am an early childhood/special education teacher candidate. I understand the fun and the concern. I would definately do this activity with my five children…minus the little guy until he is older since he is only 7 weeks old…for those of you who are safety conscious you could do this activity with 2 large child activity parachutes. They are designed with netting in the center for safety and are used in a similar fashion when children are instructed to raise it in the air step under and sit on the edge. Children of all ages enjoy many games played this way. I am sure that plastic sheeting could be altered with netting for a more safe and cheaper activity.

  21. This showed up in my FB news feed and I gotta say it looks awesome! I emailed a link to The Hubs and told him we need to try it when he’s off work.

    PS – my son is almost 4 and JUST walked past me naked with a tape measure….he’s “working”. He had clothes on when he went to his room but he came out naked! :-)

  22. Sarah says:

    Can also be done with bed sheets for those who are nervous. Definitely will do something like this! Great fun :)

  23. Chelsea says:

    Unless the fan started blowing in reverse and vacuumed the air out, the risk of suffocation with this type of plastic is really minimal. If it started to collapse you could easily hold it up while you and yor child(ren) get out safely. The extra cautious could always carry a small pocket knife too incase the plastic needed to be cut. But really the danger is no more than an enclosed bouncy house. My daughter will love this!

  24. Jamie K says:

    My 2 year old son, 5 year old son, my husband and I all did this. Much Fun! And as for the people who say its a danger no its not. the sides rip right open… and this is not a plastic bag. doesnt even look the same as one. We all had fun in the sun with this. We even did it at night and taped a bunch of glow stick on top of it and it was amazing. also we put a little water in it fun as well.

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  26. Mollie Williams says:

    This year we are celebrating Christmas with a snowman theme….your bubble idea is going to be my igloo and we are going to watch snowman movies and then do crafts etc. inside!!! THANKS For the memories!!!

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