EnLIGHTening math!

Im not one to push academics (and this blog IS about full on play), but when my child shows interest in something, I might set up an inspiring invite to play off of that interest.  He absolutely HATES letters (and Im ok with that – he’s 2), but he LOVES numbers and counting.  Today as he played and I sat with him as an “active-only-when-he-invites-me” observer, I noticed that he was counting everything.  Too cute!  He also brought out his number plates during snack time today.  Seen here:
So, as he slept, I set up and invitation for him.  After nap time, he saw the invitation and went on his merry way to other activities.  LOL  My outlook on any invitation (particularly “academic” ones) is – ‘if he visits it, great….if not, that’s ok”.   Then, just as we were transitioning to something else he said “wait mommy, I need to do this”.

I used a translucent drawer organizer, number stickers (from Walmart), and Halloween gems and shapes (from Michaels Craft Store).  There is no rhyme or reason to the numbers I chose – I just wanted it to be fun for him.  :)

 Counting out bats

 Interesting that he only counted the bats and ghosts and didn’t use any gems

- AK

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