Spray Art

Another super fun activity – inspired by my co-contributor – RL
Liquid Watercolors, spray bottles (we prefer clear bottles), paper or an easel, different shapes, letters, etc.
Have the child create their own collage of whatever they like – shapes, letters, leaves, anything.  Then they just spray on the color.
- AK
liquid watercolors in spray bottle
You can even put it in a squirt gun and spray it on shaving cream – very cool!
spraying the paint

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1 Response to Spray Art

  1. Meg says:

    Am just trying to find some snowy-day activities that can be done inside! I love this idea- we have a blank t-shirt for my daughter and some leftover liquid watercolors from another art project, so we’ll try this out today! We’re hoping for some “wearable art”! Thanks for sharing this!

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