Musical Salt

I titled this note Musical Salt because that is what my 2 year old son calls it.  For us (adults), this activity really doesn’t “do” anything, but for a child – well, the exploration can be endless.  Its mostly a fun sensory activity, but it can add to your child’s vocabulary and can inspire some pretty thought provoking thoughts and questions. 
All you need is ice, salt, and food coloring.  Place the ice in a sensory table or a clear plastic storage container and then allow the child to do the rest – pour the salt and listen to the “music” it makes – add food coloring to make it even more inviting – touch it, stir it, smell is, taste it (yuk), etc.  Ask questions – talk about what you see together – etc.

**Some people have reported that they have tried this and it failed to make any “music”.  Im not sure what made our different – we were outside on a hot day, the ice was already starting to melt, and my son poured the entire box of salt on the ice.  I’ll try to investigate and see if there are certain conditions necessary to make the “music”. 

More salt
Ice, salt, and food coloring
More color

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2 Responses to Musical Salt

  1. After we listened to the music, The allowed the kids to paint a picture using the ice and food color…what a colorful mess, I mean lol colorful job, but they had a BALL!!!!Then we were all amazed of how the food color settled into the ice lol….thanks, we all enjoyed!!!

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