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This was a great opportunity to talk about animals and their habitat.  It all started when my son was particularly interested in playing with his little animals.  I suggested that we go outside and find things for them to live in.  He got to cut down “trees” and bring in rocks and sand, etc – whatever he wanted.  He made a habitat using clay as the base for the trees – the only things I did was help stabilize the trees and a little molding of the clay with his assistance – the rest was ALL HIM.  There is even a “lake” for the animals.
We used clay and things from the natural environment.  You can use whatever inspires you.  Simply assist when needed and let the child lead the way in his/her play.
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Molding the clay
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Adding “trees”
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3 Responses to Habitat

  1. Seyla'sMommy says:

    Hi! Could you tell me where to find the colored magnet tiles? We had them at the preschool I taught at, and I want them for my daughter, but I can’t remember who sells them. Thanks! LOVE your ideas! I am using so many while I’m home with my daughter this summer. :-)

  2. So, I follow this blog enough that I can actually answer both questions. The magnet blocks are from Discount School Supplies. They actually have a link set up from the blog, so you can see their favorite toys. The light box came from Lakeside toys. I think that is the name. They actually name the company on the page about the light table. I am sure they can provide more info. I just thought I would help since I read their blog daily. I am a blog stalker!! ha ha!!

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