CD Painting

My husband cleaned out his office today.  He was about to throw out a handful of old CD’s before I said WAIT!!!  LOL  I knew we could use them for something. I asked my daughter what she thought we should do with them.  Of course she said “paint them”.  That seems to be the ongoing theme in this house lately… if you haven’t noticed.  We used acrylic paint and topped it off with glitter.   RL 
CD painting (my husband cleaned his office today) :-)
Adding glitter

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6 Responses to CD Painting

  1. lady zabet says:

    Our CSA had a fall fest last weekend where they had a booth where the kids decorated CDs and then…..took a bolt, washer and rounded nut and turned them into spinning tops! It’s so brilliant and the kids have played non-stop with them for a week. I will try to remember to share a photo.

  2. Mommy Taylor says:

    i know this is just for fun, but if the cd’s get scratched after painting, won’t acrylic paint just chip/peel right off? is there any way to prevent that? thanks in advance!

  3. @Mommy Taylor… Ours have been hanging up for 4 Months now with no problem. My girls sometimes take them down and use them as plates coasters etc. in their pretend play with no scratches etc. Tempera Paint will come right off. You probably could put modge podge or something of the like if you want a shiny or coated finish. RL

  4. Sharon says:

    I have TONS of old cds that need a new purpose…so glad I came across this idea on Pinterest! I follow you on Facebook and just started using Pinterest, but I’m loving how you can see all the pictures…makes it so much easier to see what I’ve missed along the way. Thanks for taking the time to pin everything for over there :)

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