There are soooooo many things to do with an empty box, the options are almost endless.  We happened to have a huge one and it went from a house, to a cave, to a cave of stars.  Its a simple concept, really – but oh so fun!!!
All you need is a box, a paint brush, a knife, and a strand of Christmas lights.  I used the knife to initially cut out windows (per my son’s request)….but somewhere along the path of bats and spiders and the dark,  he decided it was a cave and it needed stars.  I took a paint brush (the size of the ones you get with watercolors – you could also use a screwdriver), and poked holes in the top of the box.  Then I pushed the Christmas lights through, and we had STARS!!  We gazed up at the stars together, talking about their colors and about real stars – and even read books in our “cave of stars”.  It was a wonderful adventure!!  
- AK
Cave of stars
Daddy likes it, too

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28 Responses to A CAVE OF STARS

  1. Tiffani Rose says:

    This is awesome! I saw this pinned on pinterest and I will have to try it with my kiddos! I am now following your blog and I am excited to find more play ideas for my little ones!!


    • Cindi says:

      My first thought (after “What a great idea!”) was that led bulbs would be better to use. They won’t get hot and possibly cause an issue if left on, and won’t break as easily. Kids can get a bit rambunctious at times… Bulbs could get kicked and broken, and they tend to send tiny slivers flying down. I will do this with the Grandkids! They will love it!

  2. Angie says:

    I just made one of these. They are really neat. My kids haven’t got home yet, so they are going to be really surprised. My only worry is the lights getting really hot.

  3. I’m so disappointed…I was REALLY inspired to do this after reading your post. I did it, and we only got to enjoy it for one afternoon before my directors made me take it apart. They said it was a fire hazard/ choking hazard. So…I’ll be making it at home for my son! :) Still—awesome idea! The kids could NOT get enough of it for that one, joyous afternoon.

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